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Quick relief from pain

From the September 23, 2019 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

While barbecuing on the grill on our backyard porch, I was enjoying the flowers that had just blossomed near the porch and watching the ducks swim in the canal behind our house. The time came to put some sauce on the meat I was cooking, and as I did so, some of the sauce accidentally dripped onto the grill’s faceplate. This faceplate was extremely hot, since it is connected to the internal parts of the grill just above the flames. I took a wet cloth and began to wipe up the sauce. As I was doing this, the cloth caught on a corner of the grill and suddenly stopped, sending my hand and fingers unprotected onto the hot faceplate surface. It took only a second to realize the situation and feel the heat burning my fingers. The pain came immediately.

After I saw what had just occurred, my first thought was to condemn myself for not paying closer attention to what I was doing. I did a good job of mentally chastising myself for a couple of moments; then, I reached out to God for a calming, healing message. As soon as the request was made, the thought came to me to not look at the material evidence of a burn. I sat down in one of the porch chairs and put my hand down where I couldn’t see it. 

New God-thoughts came: The belief is punished only so long as the belief lasts, and if there is no acceptance of the belief as fact, there is no punishment. This called to mind a statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Belief produces the results of belief, and the penalties it affixes last so long as the belief and are inseparable from it” (p. 184). Soon another angel message came: “Accidents are unknown to God …” (Science and Health, p. 424). I reasoned from these ideas that I didn’t have to accept this belief of pain and accident. 

My reasoning was fortified by additional thoughts from the Bible story about the three Hebrew boys protected from the flames of a fiery furnace because of their absolute loyalty to and trust in God (see Daniel 3). This story helped me to understand the illusionary nature of the material body. If fire or heat could not have any effect on those young men, then it could not have an effect on me. I glimpsed the spiritual fact that annulled the effect of a fiery furnace experience and saw that it would be impossible for me, as a child of God, to feel pain or suffer from a false belief.

I don’t know how long I was in this prayerful mode, working with these inspired truths, but as I looked toward the grill, I remembered that I had to finish my tasks. I walked slowly back to the grill with no thought about my fingers. I didn’t have to look at them, as I felt no pain and knew there was nothing there that I needed to see or evaluate. I knew that all was well. There was a great calmness residing in me as I finished wiping up the spill. Uppermost in my thought was thankfulness to God for this beautiful demonstration of divine Mind over the material illusion. I never saw any redness or blistering or any other evidence of a burn on my fingers.

I have had many wonderful healings through prayer over the years and have learned much from each of them. Some of my healings have been immediate, while others have taken a little more time in preparing thought for God’s angel messages. But each of these demonstrations has left me with a higher appreciation and love for Christian Science and for seeing the evidence of God’s love. As demonstrated in this healing and the many experiences that can be read in the Christian Science periodicals, we must look beyond the evidence of the material senses to find our peace, harmony, and direction in an understanding of the all-power of God. The angel messages are always there; they are the healing thoughts that bring only good to us.

Bryan White
Meridian, Idaho, US

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