However mortal experience may obscure God's justice, that justice is a universal fact. Being universal, justice is available to all. By means of it, all good is possible of achievement. But to avail oneself of divine justice, one must understand its relation to God's law. Mary Baker Eddy makes these remarkable statements in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 391): "Justice is the moral signification of law. Injustice declares the absence of law."

It is obvious that one must obey divine law in order to benefit fully by its just provision and government. Christian Science explains divine law as the only law and proves its supremacy over every unjust repression that mortals may encounter, over so-called forces of matter, diseased beliefs, political tyranny, economic conditions, inherited tendencies, and personal domination. Always, God's will is the only real law, and His will is just.

In the kingdom of heaven, where God reigns supreme, infinite good is reflected by man, God's spiritual son. Nothing good is withheld from any child of the Father, and this impartial order is the divine justice. In the human realm, we find much to contradict God's will, but justice has never actually been reversed or overthrown; it has only been hidden temporarily by the corporeal senses, which give no evidence of what is really going on.

Even in this enlightened age, grievous injustice is encountered in some parts of the world in which the people are shut off from the priceless cultural and intellectual knowledge which has been developed by mankind through the ages. In some areas equal opportunities are denied certain oppressed members of society. In some countries freedom to travel about the world is denied. Then there is always the injustice which mortals endure in the form of sickness and poverty.

The Master's entire ministry was an illustration of the justice of God, inherent in His demonstrable will. Jesus calmed the ruthless action of wind and wave; destroyed undeserved disease with a word; overcame deserved penalties by blotting out the sins that incurred them; removed the cause of grief by raising the dead; fed the hungry and healed the sick, in multitudes. In his own resurrection and ascension he proved the nothingness of the Adam-dream of life in matter, the unjust, fundamental imposition which claims that man is a mortal.

So great did Mrs. Eddy consider the power of justice that she made this profound statement (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 2): "When we remember that God is just, and admit the total depravity of mortals, alias mortal mind,—and that this Adam legacy must first be seen, and then must be subdued and recompensed by justice, the eternal attribute of Truth,—the outlook demands labor, and the laborers seem few."

Each one who comprehends that justice is inherent in God's law, that God's law is in full operation, and that man is controlled by it becomes a witness to God's demand for justice. He proves that law is not absent, for justice is present. Every healing accomplished by Christian Science brings God's justice to light. This Science demonstrates Christianity as the Science of justice. It reveals Spirit's law-governed realm and brings it to earth as God's loving control of human consciousness, the human body, and human affairs.

God's will must be done in earth as it is in heaven, according to the petition which Christ Jesus included in the Lord's Prayer. Divine justice, dominating and transcending human justice, is the goal of Christian Science. Not revenge, not penalty, but freedom from the Adam legacy, the material sense of life, is the purpose of our ministry as Christian Scientists.

We need to strike deeply at the roots of injustice by destroying the counterfeit consciousness in which all the frustrations and inequities of mortal life occur. We need to reveal the true identity of ourselves and those we help, for spiritual identity is obedient to divine law, ever governed by it, and consequently always experiencing perfect justice.

Wherever we are, whatever our seeming lot, whenever the odds against justice seem overwhelming, we must know that justice, "the moral signification of law," is at work expressing the will of the Father. No delusion of corporeal sense can keep this truth from being true. Nor can any human opinion or belief keep justice from controlling one's experience, once one understands and accepts its presence as a universal fact.

Demonstrable justice is the hope and salvation of the race. No doubt, the present stir in the world marks mankind's awakening to this fact. What is needed is that all men recognize justice, love it, and express it; for in this way only can they be certain that they are obedient to God's law, hence under the beneficent and just mandate of the heavenly Father.

Helen Wood Bauman
November 30, 1957

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