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Eye on the World: How we can pray in the wake of shootdown of Malaysian flight

- Eye on the World

While combatants in Ukraine trade accusations about who shot down Malaysian flight MH17, tensions continue to rise between Russia, Europe, and the United States. Many of the individuals on the flight were Europeans, and the difficulty of fully securing the site in the warzone has been frustrating. The lack of straight answers has only made things worse.

Prayer that insists on the presence and control of God, Truth, right in that zone can help alleviate the strains of grief and anger and also uncover what actually occurred. Here are some thoughts from people in difficult situations and how prayer helped them.

In “You are always safe,” the author tells about a time when the aircraft he was traveling in was apparently struck by lightning and also about seeing the impact on Lockerbie when Pan Am Flight 103 was brought down by terrorists. He writes about prayer for those left behind and also deals with how we need to be careful that vindictiveness and a desire for revenge don’t take hold of our hearts. 

Securing safety through a change of heart” speaks about the importance of directing our focus away from looking to blame someone, even blaming God. We need to honor the people who have been lost in the crash by staying very clear on their inseparability from God. The author, who was writing during a time of terrorist attacks, makes this point: “Evil begins as a supposition in the human mind that there is something besides God, good. It can be destroyed by understanding that there is only one Mind, God. In fact that's the only way to destroy it.”

Again, what about those who were lost on the flight, and the impact on their families and friends? In “Insight while flying over Iraq,” the author insists that “every man and woman actually remains intact because they are complete ideas of God. Their spiritual identities and individualities continue unchanged under God’s eternal laws. Although we can no longer see these individuals or touch them, we can trust that they are wholly in God’s care as His beloved children. All the qualities they expressed while they were here remain intact.”

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