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Overcoming resistance to sharing Christian Science

From the March 25, 1985 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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When first one is healed in Christian Science and his whole life is changed for the better, he freely shares with others the wonderful source of the blessings he has received. But if his efforts to share meet with rejection, he is apt to feel he has learned the "wisdom" not to share.

Reluctance to share, however, is far from divine wisdom, which acts through prayer to unite those who would give with those who would gladly receive. We can renew our sharing by spiritualizing our efforts. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, cites Christ Jesus as our example when she comments, "He met and conquered the resistance of the world." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 74. Jesus proved resistance powerless through healing and redeeming others, and through the resurrection or spiritualization of his own thought that enabled him to triumph over the tomb. His followers can prove resistance powerless, too— even if with modest beginnings. After all, he promised, "I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist." Luke 21:15.

God's irresistibility makes good irresistible, since God is good. God, the only creator, never created an opposite to resist Him or His creation. Resistance is a lie about God's creation, including man created in His likeness—our true selfhood.

The lie of resistance influences our sharing only to the degree that we account it true. Yet this claim of an opposite to God, resisting His allness, would suggest to potential sharers of truth, "People are just too busy; they are not interested in religion; they are distrustful of spiritual healing because of adverse publicity; they are satisfied with what they have and don't need what Christian Science offers; maybe it isn't wise for me to identify myself as a Christian Scientist."

If these excuses parade before us, we can reject and replace them with truth, firm in our conviction that they do not come from divine wisdom and therefore have no valid source. Because there is only one Mind, God, or Truth, there are not many minds —some too busy to notice when truth is offered, some apathetic toward God, some biased against scientific Christian healing, some closed to the true divine theology, and some afraid to confront and conquer these claims.

The one Mind is timeless, all-inclusive, just, pure, unafraid. Understanding this in some degree, and making an effort to demonstrate our true nature as sinless, perfect man, enable us to prove that time, indifference, misunderstanding, complacency, and fear do not govern anyone.

As we overcome within our own consciousness reluctance to acknowledge and practice the infinite and eternal reality of divine perfection, we are able to prove step by step that good is always All. Spiritually awakening to realize the true nature of God and man, we realize divine authority to heal resistance. Mrs. Eddy explains in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "Human resistance to divine Science weakens in proportion as mortals give up error for Truth and the understanding of being supersedes mere belief." Science and Health, pp. 329–330 Each earnest effort to express the wisdom that comes through spiritual understanding brings a spreading ripple of effects. As Isaiah said, "A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time." Isa. 60:22. This was graphically proved in the experience of a Christian Scientist who was a Realtor. He was led through prayer to bring to the attention of the membership committee of his local Board of Realtors that a special article was scheduled to appear in The Christian Science Monitor, covering the aims and activities of such boards nationwide. Imagine his gratitude when the committee purchased a thousand copies of the issue that carried this article and mailed these copies to nonmember brokers!

Opportunities for sharing abound. Each issue of the Monitor contains articles that would be of constructive interest to someone we know. Every Christian Science periodical is filled with seeds of healing that could bear fruit in the experiences of many more than are now reached. Attending a church service, a Sunday School session, a Christian Science college organization meeting, or a lecture on Christian Science sponsored by a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, has often changed someone's outlook on life.

The Bible and Science and Health have a vast reformatory mission yet to fulfill. Those who have been helped by these books and by the periodicals and church activities they have inspired have the joyful privilege of sharing in the way the books themselves show it is to be done. Our textbooks teach that sharing is effective—not through human will or through mere random offering but through genuine demonstration.

Our every step of spiritual progress in overcoming the false belief that good can be resisted translates opportunity to share into meaningful healing experience. And so step by step we prove that nothing can resist the Science that God has revealed or the spiritual healing He authorizes.

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