On one ski with God

ONE MONDAY, I was out waterskiing with my Sunday School teacher. I was showing her how I had learned to slalom at camp this summer. But I fell, and my ski slammed against my jaw. When my Sunday School teacher picked me up, she hugged me and told me that God was with me, and that I could trust that all was well.

I was frightened! I thought my jaw was broken. My jaw hurt so badly that I couldn't move it to speak. But I had learned in Sunday School that I "live and move and have my being" in God (see Acts 17:28) and that in Him nothing bad could ever really happen to us. So, my teacher and I prayed, as we sat quietly by the water for a while. I knew that God was right there with me, and soon I felt relaxed and calm.

We got up, and it felt OK to help my teacher water the lawn and the flowers at her house. Next, we went inside, and we sat at the kitchen table praying. My teacher talked to me about God some more. Then I started to say something and realized that the pain was gone and I could move my jaw. It didn't hurt to speak!

I saw that when I fell in the water, God "fell in" with me. He was with me all the time, and He took care of me.

After I got home that night, I checked and saw there was nothing on my face where the waterski had hit me—no cuts or bruises.

I'm glad that God was with me, and He kept me safe.

Felice, 11 / Sparta, New Jersey

November 30, 2009

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