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Animosity dissolved by love

From the February 6, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

I had a wonderful opportunity a number of years ago to live more of the Christ-love. I was working at a large law firm, where a particular senior partner had a reputation for being very hard to work for. She seemed to take a disliking to me right from the outset and would criticize and ridicule me constantly. Fellow attorneys encouraged me to complain about her to the other senior partners and even to bring a suit against her for harassment.

But I had seen too many times that fighting back out of anger simply caused divisions and more animosity. So instead, I turned in prayer to God, who is divine Love, to understand more of the true nature of God’s creation. 

The Bible teaches us that there is only one God, and Christian Science reveals that this God is the one divine creative intelligence, or Mind, of all creation. Since God is Love and all-knowing, then God must be expressing His qualities in all of His creation, qualities that are natural for all of God’s children to express. No one is excluded from this expression of Love.

I began thinking how the spiritual qualities of Love would be evidenced in the workplace; what qualities would naturally be expressed in each of us, including this woman. I thought of compassion, patience, humility, forgiveness, mercy, etc.—and then the thought of “beauty” came to me. 

People did not consider this woman to be beautiful; in fact, she came across as being very tough. But I rejoiced in the fact that since God is Soul and is manifested in beauty and harmony, then it is natural for each of us, as God’s expression, to express beauty.

One night as I was working late, she came by my desk and made a negative comment, but I didn’t hear her words since I was praying at that moment. When I looked up at her, I saw her for the first time as beautiful. Out of my mouth came words I had not planned at all. I said, “You have the most beautiful complexion! You remind me of my cousin!” 

The woman was dumbfounded. I don’t think anyone had ever talked to her in that way. She thanked me, and we began talking as if we had always been friends. I refused to allow any negative thoughts into my consciousness such as, “Well, now you’re being nice to me!” Instead, I just silently rejoiced to see her true, beautiful, loving nature. 

After that, her whole nature seemed to change. She developed a sense of humor and became my strongest supporter. I had not been praying to get anything nor to change anyone, but simply to see clearly this dear woman as God sees her.

Some months later I was attending a conference, where many colleagues were discussing problems at the office. People were complaining about different personalities in their office. So I shared my experience and how love and prayer had totally changed the situation in our office (even though I had no idea if anyone there even believed in prayer). When I finished, everyone applauded and people thanked me for what I shared. The world is hungering for more of this Christly love that heals divisions and unites us, showing us to be God’s beloved children! 

Christine Driessen
New York, New York, US

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