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Blessings from Reading the Sentinel

From the March 2, 1963 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

"As an exponent of Truth, the Sentinel nourishes, purifies, and heals mentally and physically"

A teen-age student of Christian Science enjoyed reading the Christian Science Sentinel because of its spiritual versatility, which encouraged in her a desire for prayerful thinking and happy expectancy. As her interest increased, she saw that the Sentinel not only refreshes and enlightens, but also comforts and heals. She has continued her consecrated reading for over fifty years. She has been a subscriber for about thirty years, in obedience to Mrs. Eddy's directive in the Manual of The Mother Church (Art. VI If, Sect. 14), "It shall be the privilege and duty of every member, who can afford it, to subscribe for the periodicals which are the organs of this Church."

When reading the Sentinel with an understanding and receptive heart, and with devoted and consecrated love and gratitude to Mrs. Eddy, who gave this precious gift to the world, the reader learns that individual demonstration and fresh weekly inspiration will reveal an individual method of perusal, leading to spiritual enlightenment.

The editorials discuss individual and world problems and their spiritual solutions. They express spiritual intuition and conviction. They emphasize the oneness and allness of infinite Mind and the unreality and powerlessness of any pretense of evil. Their tender unfoldment of good stimulates, heals, and blesses the reader. Often an editorial awakens individual consciousness to some subtle error that is lulling the world into stultifying apathy and thus arouses the reader from nugatory to constructive thinking.

The articles lift consciousness to an acknowledgment that faith and prayer are necessary accompaniments in proving that there is no circumstance, no incurable disease, beyond Truth's power and that neither time nor space is a component of Christian Science healing. These articles serve as guideposts, directing, comforting, and protecting. They inculcate prayer, perseverance, and patience, while emphasizing radical reliance on Truth instead of on drugs, electricity, or other material remedies.

The verified testimonies of healing arouse and stimulate consciousness spiritually, strengthening faith in the efficacy of Christian Science. These avowals of gratitude show that the healing power of Truth and Love is applicable to all circumstances. They show that the recognition and the application of Science are progressive footsteps toward our gaining an understanding of omnipotent Mind as Life and thus destroying the idolatrous belief that matter has intelligence and life. These confirmed evidences of healing encourage in the reader an honest endeavor to bring "into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (II Cor. 10:5).

A complete list of upcoming free Christian Science lectures is included in every copy of the Sentinel. Important notices from The Christian Science Board of Directors, as well as coverage of various Christian Science activities, evidence the loving care of The Mother Church for the readers of its periodicals.

As an exponent of Truth, the Sentinel nourishes, purifies, and heals mentally and physically. It awakens spiritual vigilance and bestows a divine assurance that the one unlimited Mind gives activity, concord, and indestructible life to its idea, man. It makes "a new heart and a new spirit" (Ezck.18:31).

Students of Christian Science who read with regularity the enlightening pages of the Sentinel love it for the spiritual ideas which it conveys. On many occasions a single statement furnishes the illumination needful to the disappearance of discord. The material evidence of pain, heartache, and disappointment vanishes into oblivion, and a wealth of spiritual awakening and unfoldment enriches consciousness.

The Sentinel shows the way to replace a dreary, hopeless outlook on life with the understanding that man is the perfect idea of perfect God, expressing the nature of divine Mind. It reveals man, not joyless and inharmonious, but rich with happiness, love, and health, because he is the child of God.

If one is held in the bondage of fear, the comforting, healing Sentinel presents the great truth that through the realization of God's oneness and allness, one can gain the spiritual knowledge which looks forward only to good. Should one's thought he darkened with the apprehension that one faces replacement or displacement in business, the Sentinel gives the sweet assurance that God provides unlimited opportunity and uninterrupted good for man, His image and likeness. If one is engulfed in a belief of lack or limitation, one's consciousness is refreshed and enlightened when the Sentinel brings to light the spiritual fact that man's supply is infinite and ever present because God is the only source, or origin, of true substance. Infinite Mind is forever mindful of its reflection.

In its entirety the Sentinel gives fresh inspiration and a steadfast faith and trust in the one eternal Mind. It supplies the enthusiasm and satisfaction essential to proving the accuracy of divine Principle in demonstration. It supports spiritual growth and enlarges the understanding of Christ Jesus' statement, "With God all things are possible" (Matt.19:26).

Mrs. Eddy writes in the textbook, Science and Health (p. 201), "The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love." One way to accomplish this is by reading the Sentinel, in connection with the study of the textbook, and demonstrating the truths it imparts.

Let us be loyal and obedient to the Church Manual and subscribe for and read the Christian Science Sentinel. We can then joyously travel the pathway toward a higher, richer, and wiser life.

Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness....Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth, rejoice: and let men say among the nations. The Lord reigneth.—I Chronicles 16:29, 31.

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