Alone with Your Thoughts

We left camp silently and walked through forest paths to the top of a hill. From the moment we each left camp to the time we returned, our thoughts could travel where they pleased. We were asked to carry along some paper and a pencil to write down these thoughts. This is what came to me, a Christian Scientist, as I sat with other campers watching a Colorado sunset.

"To know no other Life but God is to have no other consciousness but good—to move only according to Principle—to act only as God's reflection, His child—to know that He alone is Ego. There is no room for personal glorification, for wanting everyone to look up to and notice you. There is only one Spirit, one Soul, one Mind, one Love, one Principle of all being. That being is whole, perfect, good. There is only one Truth, one God. God is the only doer, He alone causes all that is. We are ideas in the ever-presence of God."

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My spiritual goal at that time was simply to practice the truths I knew in Christian Science.

By seeing man as perfect, made by God, I could look above what the material senses were saying—that man moves in a body, that he thinks with a brain. Instead I could see the true picture, the spiritual man, the image and likeness of God.

Through a deeper study of the Bible, and of Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, I have noticed a big change in myself. I am so much happier, so much more at peace. My mother has even noticed the change! I am now able to participate well in sports and singing—two areas in which I had never felt capable before. I've also had healings of colds and pain.

We can always understand life as God knows it, and this will destroy disability, unhappiness, sickness, sin, and all other evils that mortal sense might claim exist. Then we see divine existence —with its happiness, love, accomplishment, completeness, and perfection. When we see the spiritual man, we're seeing ourselves as God has created us. Standing firmly by this view, and denying any other existence, we practice Christian Science.

What's the World Coming To?
September 6, 1975

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