One Ego, one harmonious government

I was watching TV the first night of the attempted coup in Turkey some months ago. The chaos, the rage, the shooting, the bombs, the thousands of shouting people, both for and against the coup—it was bedlam and it was dangerous, and my heart went out to all who were caught up in it, on both sides.

I turned off the TV to pray for a while. Then I opened my Bible to a passage that came to thought: “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision” (Psalms 2:1–4).

As I read it, I felt something of what it conveys of God’s supreme power—and of the impotence of whatever would rage against God, whatever would strive to assert itself as an ego, selfhood, or power apart from God. What inspired me was the truth that the whole picture of many minds in conflict was at its core invalid and powerless in the face of what the Bible teaches about God, because it was a brazen denial of God’s supremacy and harmonious government.

The Bible refers to God as “I AM” (Exodus 3:14). In Christian Science this is seen as more than just a name. It’s seen as the divine, infinite Ego, always asserting its goodness, oneness, and harmony. The Bible also points to God as the Mind that fulfills His divine will without hesitation or opposition. For instance, “He is in one mind, and who can turn him?” (Job 23:13). Knowing God to be good, I could see that His will, expressed in His all-encompassing law and government, is also good, and if mankind understood the oneness of Mind sufficiently, the result would be more unity on earth, more harmony, cooperation, justice, and well-being.

I came away from my praying with a heightened sense of the importance to the world’s welfare of understanding better the one Ego, God, and the true nature of man, who is the expression of God. Unity and wisdom in human affairs can’t actually be sustained on a material basis, because the underlying characteristics of this sense of life are division and error—the division of many minds and many egos, and the error that life and mind are material and therefore separate from the one God, the infinite divine Spirit that governs all reality.

An error, or mistake, in any aspect of experience generally produces problems. One of the results of the erroneous concept that life is material is the many difficulties we see in human governments—for instance, the tyranny spawned by mad ambition, the lust for power, greed, and fear. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, the gridlock and dysfunction created by conflicting, stubborn political interests and myopic self-interest. The error of materiality also results in normal human governments sometimes making misguided decisions.

As the Bible points out in various ways, unity, wisdom, and prosperity are found on the basis of one God—one divine Principle, infinite Spirit, which governs all in harmony. In the Glossary of the Christian Science textbook Mary Baker Eddy gives this definition of “I, or Ego.” Starting with terms for God, it reads in part: 

“Divine Principle; Spirit; Soul; incorporeal, unerring, immortal, and eternal Mind.

“There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence; man and woman unchanged forever in their individual characters, even as numbers which never blend with each other, though they are governed by one Principle” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 588).

If mankind understood the oneness of Mind sufficiently, the result would be more unity on earth, more harmony, cooperation, justice, and well-being.

Infinity isn’t expressed in finiteness. The image of the one Ego, the one divine Mind, isn’t many finite, separate egos, all going their own different ways, with their own wills and separate interests and agendas. Individually we are all distinct; we “never blend with each other,” never lose our individuality. But all of us express God; therefore, we express the same Mind and “are governed by one Principle.” So we all express the unimpeded movement and government of Mind, and are embraced in the constant unfoldment of Mind’s divine purpose. Under God’s government, conflicts, competing interests, blockage, and breakdown are not possible, because Mind is never at odds with itself, so we each, as individual spiritual ideas of God, are never at odds with each other. Science and Health gives direction on how to pray about this: “Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God’s government” (p. 393).

The material sense of life cannot comprehend God or His harmonious, supreme government. So it’s important for each of us to pray daily to lift ourselves out of the material sense that the children of God are mortals, having their own finite personalities.

We can tell if we’re largely going along with material sense. If we’re constantly enamored with material personality, for instance; or if the tumult in the world leaves us in shock, disgust, anger, or fear. The antidote to being absorbed by personality is to become more conscious of true individuality—the loved, perfect children of God, expressing the one Mind. The remedy for being shaken by world events is to rise higher mentally through prayer so that we can better discern the Christ-idea, the true idea of God and man, walking lovingly over the waves of human suffering, speaking to our waiting, receptive heart. 

Two verses from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy convey the promise that awaits us as we seek to uplift our thought spiritually:

And o’er earth’s troubled, angry sea
   I see Christ walk,
And come to me, and tenderly,
   Divinely talk.

Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock,
   Upon Life’s shore,
’Gainst which the winds and waves can shock,
   Oh, nevermore! 
(Poems, p. 12)

In a house, light comes in through the windows. In the “house” we all live in together in this world, the light of the Christ, Truth, comes to humanity through the individual window of our spiritualized thoughts, and our transformed lives.

Every day is a new opportunity to pray for more spiritual discernment and love; to discern with our heart and soul (spiritual sense) the oneness of God, good, and then to see man as the outcome of God, reflecting the unity and wisdom of Mind, the unselfish goodness of Love, the order, integrity, and rightness of divine Principle. We shouldn’t be discouraged if we’re falling short in this direction. Who of us hasn’t felt that way at times? But our sincere desire to become more spiritually minded is supported by divine Love, our Father-Mother, who leads us into higher realms of understanding, as we work and pray honestly and sincerely.

Through Love’s leavening influence—seen in the purifying activity of the Christ, and the imperative operation of divine Science, the Comforter, transforming our and others’ thoughts—whatever is disruptive to wise, righteous government is exposed for what it is. It’s seen by more people to be wrong, something to be corrected; and people begin taking steps to change or eliminate it.

But even more important, it becomes more clearly seen by people’s dawning spiritual sense as unreal, because oppression, chaos, confusion, and gridlock have no place in God’s creation. This spiritual perception is essential, and it’s essential that we pray often to advance this understanding in ourselves and others, because only the recognition of evil’s unreality can actually destroy it and give sure support to human efforts to bring reform.

There is no Ego apart from God, and all that He has created bears witness to His wise, harmonious government. Turning daily to divine Love for understanding and inspiration, we are refreshed by the growing perception of Love’s supremacy over all, and the nothingness of all that would “rage” in vain against Love. Ongoing growth in this direction will help our world.

Love is always right
October 31, 2016

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