The healing Principle that’s discoverable—daily!

Occasionally, we hear the word discoverable, referring, for instance, to making things easier to find online or to a lawyer’s right to gain access to documents. More broadly, it simply means something can be discovered. “Eureka!” moments are scientists discovering the discoverable.

In particular, Christian Science is the discovery of spiritual truths that have been discoverable forever. The Bible records the Hebrew fore-fathers, who lived thousands of years ago, proving something of the Science of Christ—the understanding of the universal, spiritual Principle that is God. Later, Jesus’ healings of others, and his own resurrection, proved the dependable, all-governing nature of this original and eternal Principle. Yet the “rule for demonstrating this Principle of healing and preventing disease . . . remained to be discovered in Christian Science,” announced the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 147).

This rule was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy. She authored Science and Health to share what she’d discerned and demonstrated of the scientific basis for the healings recorded in the Scriptures, and of the Christ-power behind such healing. Christian Science reveals this power as the spiritual idea of God. This is the Christ that Jesus’ healings attested to, revealing to human consciousness that God is the one divine Mind, both absolutely good and omniscient. This all-good, all-knowing Mind knows nothing outside of itself—nothing unlike its own infinite goodness. 

This means that God is actually unaware of our struggles with sickness or sin. That might make God sound like an aloof and unloving Parent, an un-tender Shepherd. Yet the opposite is true. Spiritually grasping that God doesn’t know the evils we face actually brings us the most embracing sense, and proof, of being tenderly cared for by God.

Here’s an example of why this is true. In her book Unity of Good, Mrs. Eddy recounts how gaining a clear consciousness “that the infinite recognizes no disease” (p. 7) so bound her to God as to empower the immediate healing of a cancer that had ravaged an individual’s body. Referring to this and other cases she cured with Christian Science, she adds, “Certain self-proved propositions pour into my waiting thought in connection with these experiences; and here is one such conviction: that an acknowledgment of the perfection of the infinite Unseen confers a power nothing else can.”

God is infinite, yet unseen by the material senses. This indicates why Science needed discovering. The spiritually perfect but physically invisible nature of the divine Principle, Love, had to be made perceptible to humanity.

This day, something new we need to know about God and our spiritual selfhood is discoverable.

This unveiling of God’s nature is still needed. While Science is fully revealed in the Bible and Science and Health, it remains to be widely recognized and fully demonstrated. Humanity’s need, individually and collectively, is to become ever more conscious of God’s reality and to prove practical the harmony that Principle produces and sustains. 

This demands something of us. Jesus described himself as “the way” (John 14:6), but could not do our walking for us along the path of salvation he mapped out. Similarly, we cannot passively assimilate the discovery revealed in Science and Health. We must actively seek spiritual breakthroughs in our understanding. As we study the Bible and Science and Health, a story, a sentence—sometimes just a word that stands out as we read—can lift us to see some spiritually scientific idea or truth that’s new to us, bringing healing and transformation. 

But what if we hit a dry spell, when no such insights are coming to us? At such times, like all great discoverers, we persist. First, we can be encouraged by all that we’ve already discerned and proved of divine Principle, Love. Second, even when we least feel like doing so, we can still study Science and turn to God in quiet communion, because it’s never the case that the discovery itself has become any less compelling. It’s the unrefuted influence of materiality within us, or of ignorant or malicious perceptions of Christian Science around us, that makes it feel that way for a season. But we can refute such influences. As God’s children, we are spiritually minded, always open to fresh inspiration, and willing and ready to act on it. 

As we tenaciously claim this to be true, the joy of spiritual discovery is rekindled within, and we yield to Principle’s own understanding of itself, seeing ourselves and others as God sees us. Then we can’t help but feel and exude a more Christly compassion, which draws those to us who want the healing help Principle empowers us to offer.

We may sometimes be tempted to feel like kindergarteners in the Science and art of healing when pondering Mrs. Eddy’s experience or recognizing how constantly and impactfully Jesus entertained the Christ consciousness. But this day, something new we need to know about God and our God-governed, spiritual selfhood is discoverable. And we are healed, and are healers, through each timely insight into the timeless discovery of Christian Science, gained—and lived.

Tony Lobl, Associate Editor

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August 23, 2021

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