A Russian Christian Scientist’s thoughts on Ukraine

I am a Christian Scientist who lives in Russia. I also understand Ukrainian and speak a little. As far as the current situation in Ukraine is concerned, I can say this:

First of all, when we pray according to the teachings of Christian Science, we never start with the situation, problem, disease, and so on, but with God, divine Mind. We pray from the standpoint of divine Mind, Truth, Love, because there is no other Mind or consciousness. 

In this divine consciousness it is clear that the great I AM, infinite Mind, cannot be and never was divided into persons, places, things, or situations, which might conflict with each other, hate each other, fight each other. Even humanly, if you look at the earth from space, you will see no boundaries at all. All these are nothing but concoctions of a so-called mortal mind, which would attempt to divide and separate us from the one Mind and from each other. 

Even humanly, if you look at the earth from space, you will see no boundaries at all.

Even while diplomats and other individuals work to find solutions to situations that arise, we can support their efforts with prayer. In this light we do not need to be drawn into debating the human details or focusing on them. We don’t need to dwell on the actions of one government or another, nor of a political group or groups. Rather, we can trust in God’s government, which is always good. 

Whatever would take our thoughts away from this trust is all mistaken according to the teachings of Christian Science, because it is “a human concept, sometimes beautiful, always erroneous” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 277). Taking such a position, we inevitably will interpret conditions incorrectly because our viewpoint will be limited and finite. 

If we want to see some true progress, let us do this:

First, let’s tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves—that we are spiritual and receptive to God’s guidance. 

Second, let’s tell the truth about ourselves to others, insisting that we are children of divine Love and have no desire to harm anyone. 

Third, let’s tell the truth about others to ourselves—they also are the children of God. 

Fourth, then we will be able to tell the truth to others about themselves—that the one Father-Mother Love unites all of us. Only then can we tell the truth about all to all, namely that no matter what nation we are in, we are all the children of one Mind, one God. 

Following this simple rule, we will express and experience the blessings of that divine power, which itself is Truth.

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