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From the July 26, 1947 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

An earnest student of Christian Science who had spent many hours studying and pondering the healings that were performed by our Master, Christ Jesus, and by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, was much impressed with the fact that most of their healings were accomplished in a single treatment.

One such healing performed by our Leader occurred while she was inspecting the work of remodeling Christian Science Hall in Concord, New Hampshire. Mrs. Eddy writes on page 145 of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" that the carpenters' foreman said to her: "I want to be let off for a few days. I do not feel able to keep about. I am feeling an old ailment my mother had." Continuing she says: "I healed him on the spot. He remained at work, and the next morning said to Mr. George H. Moore of Concord, 'I am as well as I ever was.'"

One day while meditating on this healing, the student met a friend who previously had become interested in Christian Science. This friend, who was smoking, immediately discarded his cigarette, saying, "I should like very much to be free from the tobacco habit." Instantly the words of Mrs. Eddy, "I healed him on the spot," came clearly to the student's consciousness.

With compassion he silently affirmed the allness and perfection of God, good, and of His creation, man. He reasoned that man, the expression of God, is above the reach of imperfection and thus cannot be in bondage to a false appetite. With confidence he declared to his friend, "God has healed you." More than a decade has elapsed since this healing occurred, and the friend has not used tobacco in any form or had any desire to do so since that moment.

The perfection and allness of God and the consequent perfection of His creation are the basic facts in Christian Science. It is through the understanding of these facts, and the clear realization that all error or evil is therefore unreal, that healings in Christian Science are accomplished. When God's perfection and allness are spiritually discerned and accepted with finality, remarkable instantaneous healings often occur.

Early in the study of this Science one learns to draw a sharp line of demarcation between the real, spiritual man and the unreal, so-called mortal man. He learns that actually man is not a creature of flesh and bones, but a spiritual idea, the likeness of God, possessing all the qualities of Spirit, Life, and Love. The premise that man is the likeness of God leads to the inevitable conclusion that mortal man as the counterfeit of God's idea has no basis except in false belief. When human consciousness perceives the truth of these facts in a given instance, troubles yield as instantaneously and necessarily as light extinguishes darkness.

Through the scientific understanding he possessed of his real being, the writer once quickly gained physical freedom from the effects of an accident. He had stepped from the curb and wrenched his ankle. The pain was excruciating, and his first thought was to hobble back home, where he might be more comfortable. Immediately, however, he rejected the suggestion of accident, realizing that God's idea has no material parts or properties to be injured, swollen, or painful. He perceived clearly that the real man is wholly spiritual, the reflection of God's being.

Feeling a sense of peace and assurance, he recalled the words of the Psalmist (Ps. 34:19, 20): "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken." Holding steadfastly to the words of this comforting Psalm, he was amazed to discover that he had walked several blocks without the slightest limp or discomfort. He too had been healed on the spot. He had proved that time is not a factor in spiritual healing, and that a convalescent period is not required.

Perhaps one may be struggling with a sense of discouragement because of a healing long delayed. Let this individual not despair, for he can prove for himself the unreality of any claim of error, no matter how long the discordant condition may have existed or how hopeless it may appear to be. One can gain his freedom "in the twinkling of an eye" as thought is lifted above the belief of life in matter and is sufficiently spiritualized to recognize man as the perfect reflection and likeness of his perfect Father-Mother God.

The four Gospels testify that through his spiritual understanding Jesus healed instantaneously both acute and chronic diseases, some of which had been in evidence to human sense for many years. Likewise Christian Scientists, through their spiritual understanding, are experiencing instantaneous healings similar to many of those performed by our Master. One has only to read the testimonies of healings published in the Christian Science monthly and weekly periodicals or listen to the testimonies given at the Wednesday testimony meetings to recognize that students of this Science are healing and are being healed quickly and permanently.

These faithful students are complying with our Leader's recommendation as set forth in Article XXX, Section 7, of the Manual of The Mother Church: "Healing the sick and the sinner with Truth demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration. I recommend that each member of this Church shall strive to demonstrate by his or her practice, that Christian Science heals the sick quickly and wholly, thus proving this Science to be all that we claim for it."

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