No grief in the fullness of Love

The loss of a dearly loved family member can be a deep challenge, especially the loss of a spouse. The day-to-day closeness, camaraderie, support, and sharing can seem a void difficult to fill. The depth of our love for the individual may feel as if it’s increasing the grief. As with all human challenges, though, there is a tender, divinely provided answer that heals the sense of void by opening up a fuller understanding of divine Love, God, and our completeness in Love.  

Each of us has different experiences, different needs, and different spiritual lessons to learn. But for all of us, the overall, constant impulsion in our lives—even if unseen—is divine Love continuously urging us to wake up to our God-given wholeness. In the fullness of infinite Love there are no voids, and each of us, as God has created us, individually expresses that fullness. Christ, the very manifestation of Love, is working within our thought, destroying fear and sorrow, opening our eyes and heart to the fullness of good that Love is perpetually bestowing on us.

If we’re struggling with grief, our spiritual wholeness may initially feel like a cold abstraction, even if we accept and understand it to a degree. But there is nothing cold or abstract about what our Father-Mother God has established for us. And what is spiritually true must and will have its tangible, satisfying human evidence, as we gently grow in our understanding of it.

I learned about divine Love’s care when my wife passed away some years ago. The first evening that I was alone in my home, as night started to fall I began to feel that the house was going to be a sad place to be. But I immediately turned away from that thought and prayerfully, sincerely affirmed that divine Love is infinite, filling all space, so there could be no lack of love anywhere. It was just a brief glimpse of an important spiritual reality. But it instantly destroyed that sense of deepening gloom. Even though I had other lessons to learn as I went gently forward, from that moment on there was never any thought of the house being a sad place; in fact, it became a place of comfort for me. It was a first step of progress, a first glimpse of the fullness of Love meeting my human need.

Every step of progress in knowing our inseparability from Love brings healing, lifting us further out of grief.

Every step of progress in knowing our inseparability from Love brings healing, lifting us further out of grief. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “To mortal sense Christian Science seems abstract, but the process is simple and the results are sure if the Science is understood” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 459). The results—the practical evidences of healing and comfort—are sure, “if the Science is understood.”

What is the Science of our being? Were we created from the basis of incompleteness and separation from good? Are we dependent on people and circumstances to fill in some important gaps? That would hardly be loving or logical, something an all-wise, all-powerful, all-loving God would do. Instead, Science shows that we are the blessed offspring of God, divine Love’s expression, or image, which Love rejoices in and eternally maintains in all its completeness. 

The Bible brings out the scientific, spiritual fact that we belong to God, and it declares the power of God to redeem us from the mistaken sense that we are separate from Him, therefore separate from joy and the good that we need. A passage in Isaiah says: “Now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.… Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee” (43:1, 4).

Because we belong to God, nothing can be lacking. Like the sun flooding everything everywhere with sunlight, divine Love radiates the fullness of good infinitely, everywhere, and expresses this fullness in man, in the reality of our being as God’s image. Each of us has abundant goodness and joy, and an unfolding, active purpose. We are forever complete, fulfilled, and satisfied.

When challenged by grief, we can pray patiently to discern the Science of our being and to lean on divine Love for every need. Our growing understanding of, and trust in, Love does bring healing. It may simply be a quiet welling up of joy in our hearts, a developing sense of purpose and going forward with God. It may also result in new, rewarding activities or expanded, fulfilling companionship. Each one of us is different, having different needs. But we can quietly trust our loving Father-Mother—who knows our every need—to open up all that is right and good and happy for us, in the right way and at the right time.

This spiritual transformation of thought and the blessings that come from it are the effect of God, Spirit, understood. Mrs. Eddy writes: “Spirit blesses man, but man cannot ‘tell whence it cometh.’ By it the sick are healed, the sorrowing are comforted, and the sinning are reformed. These are the effects of one universal God, the invisible good dwelling in eternal Science” (Science and Health, p. 78).

This “invisible good dwelling in eternal Science” blesses both us and our loved one. Both are in the full care of divine Love, and will continue to be. Love has already met our every need, because we are Love’s loved idea. This truth, as we patiently pray to discern it more each day, will eliminate grief and fill our thoughts and hearts and lives with the reflected fullness of divine Love. 

David C. Kennedy

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January 12, 2015

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