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Christians united in prayer

- Sentinel Audio Chat

This in-depth chat offers a window on ecumenical activity among Christian churches and the role Christian Scientists and the Church of Christ, Scientist, can play in that work. Dr. Kinnamon, who recently retired from the National Council of Churches, and Shirley Paulson, the head of Ecumenical Affairs for the Christian Science Church, respond to a wide variety of questions from site visitors.

Among them are: how to get back to the simplicity of Jesus' teachings, to move beyond differences in terminology and tradition that make dialogue difficult; ways Christians can work together; what spiritual gifts Christians, including Christian Scientists, have to offer to one another; and how to find ways to dialogue with other Christians who care about ecumenical unity. Shirley and Michael also speak of Mary Baker Eddy's background as a Christian and how this shaped her thinking in articulating Christian Science.

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