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From the October 3, 1925 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Christian Science teaches us the exact, demonstrable truth about God. Every case of physical healing, of moral reformation, or of sorrow overcome through this scientific knowledge of God, is the direct result of the application of its teaching. A Christian Science treatment is always based upon the omnipotence of God, good; and its power to heal is in direct proportion to the Christianly scientific understanding of this fact.

Christian Science utterly eschews the belief that there is anything mysterious, supernatural, or unnatural about knowing the precise facts about Deity. It declares and proves that God is our divine, heavenly Father-Mother, and that it is as natural and normal for us to know God as it is for a human child to recognize his own parent. God is not the great unknowable. In fact, God and His ideas are all that really can be known; for God is Truth, and Truth is all that can actually be known at any time.

The revered Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, has given to the world on page 481 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," a most helpful and comprehensive statement of God's nature where she says, "God's being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss." If God's true nature is one of freedom, then it follows that we can gain our freedom from limitation or bondage only by knowing God aright. Our textbook repeatedly points out in an unmistakable way that ignorace of God is the root cause of all our difficulties, and that a right understanding of Him is the only way of sure deliverance. Yet how often we are prone to attribute our difficulties to persons, circumstances, or conditions which we erroneously think are interfering with our harmony. The fact is they can do nothing of the kind; no circumstance or combination of circumstances can rob us of our peace and joy if we persistently cling to the truth of God's all-power and ever-presence, in the fact of even the most adverse conditions.

But perchance one may say, My problem is due to the actions of another, and I cannot force him to do differently. No, we cannot. It is not, however, what any one else does that affects us, but our own wrong thinking; and by our own right thinking we can control the effect of the other's thoughts and actions upon us. If we allow resentment, hate, or a sense of hurt to control us, with their resultant bondage, we have ourselves to blame. On the other hand, if we keep our hearts full of love, kindness, and forgiveness, nothing can rob us of abiding freedom and joy.

As we cling steadfastly to the truth about God, such realization will irresistibly externalize itself in our human experience as a greater sense of "harmony, and boundless bliss." He who persistently keeps his consciousness full of the truth of God's great love and goodness will always rise above any seeming discords, and error will no longer enslave him. There is not a Christian Scientist to-day who has a tithe of the difficulties that our Leader had to contend with. And she rose above all of hers through her calm and certain knowledge of divine Love's supremacy and infinitude!

We often recall our Leader's beautiful words, found on page 24 of her "Poems":—

"Come to me, peace on earth!
From out life's billowy sea,—
A wave of welcome birth,—
The Life that lives in Thee!
O Love divine,
This heart of Thine
Is all I need to comfort mine."

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