My healing on a hiking trip

I would like to share a healing I had on a three-day hiking trip while at a Christian Science summer camp in Colorado last year.

I was having a great time hiking up a mountain. But I got really tired. When I reached the peak, I lay down to rest. A counselor suggested that I eat some food. I did, but I started to feel worse. 

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On the way down, I started to have a bad stomachache and headache. I told my counselors, and one of them prayed with me and sang hymns to me as we continued to hike down. Throughout the descent, the counselor stopped with me whenever I needed to rest. 

Mathias rock climbing

A hymn that really helped was No. 148 from the Christian Science Hymnal, which begins with “In heavenly Love abiding.” I really liked the next phrase that says, “No change my heart shall fear” (Anna L. Waring). It told me that I did not need to fear because God is always with me and always protecting me. I decided to hold on to that thought. I also saw that sickness was no part of me because it could never touch a child of God. 

The counselor and I were very far behind the rest of our group, but we eventually caught up with them when they were taking a break. 

My counselor was reading many passages from the Christian Science Bible Lesson to me. This helped me to remember that God was right there walking with me and giving me strength.

When we finally reached the bottom of the mountain, I went straight to my tent to rest, even though it was only 6 p.m. I know that the counselors and my fellow campers continued to pray for me. 

By the time I woke up the next morning, I was perfectly fine! As it says in the Bible, “Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth” (Psalms 119:151). Because God is always near, His commandments, or laws, are not only true, but powerful right now. They are always protecting me.

Mathias, 11
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Testimony of Healing
Arm and shoulder mobility restored
July 22, 2013

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