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Eye on the World: eye on the environment

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It’s always worthwhile to pray about the environment. For a lot of people, this summer may be hotter than usual: the UK and the northeastern United States are facing heat waves this week, and conditions are unusually hot and dry in Japan and many other parts of the world as well. Yet even as extreme weather threatens coastlines, a new Stanford University survey indicates that coral reefs, sand dunes, and other natural habitats can help mitigate environmental damage. Natural habitats protect about two-thirds of US coastlines, the study said, and can help protect lives and homes in the event of sea level rise.

Our prayers for the environment are an important force for good — not only can prayer lead us to take practical steps toward better environmental stewardship, but it also shows us something of the love God has for His creation, and this new view can bring safety and normalize weather patterns around the whole world.

Prayer about extreme heat” focuses in on how we can pray when confronted with news about hot, arid conditions. The author reminds us that God’s creation must be in harmony — no element out of balance or damaging to another. And as we insist on the truth of this concept, we can expect to see evidence of calm weather, non-threatening conditions, and a healthy relationship between humanity and the environment. 

A new view of the weather” discusses how we can view environmental news through a spiritual lens; this perspective reminds us that God’s creation can’t be “diminished, depleted, in danger, or destroyed.” And this is far from pie-in-the-sky thinking: our prayers to witness the environment of God’s creating can overturn material predictions about harmful weather events and destructive disasters.

We can all embrace the environment through our prayers, and as we recognize God’s control over every aspect of His universe, we’ll naturally see threats related to Earth’s ecosystems diminish and drop away.

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