Employed by God, our dependable Life

What brings real comfort and success? Does it come from having a highly esteemed job, a healthy bank account, living in prosperous economic times? Or do we find true satisfaction in realizing that God, divine Life, is the reliable source of our well-being and in actively expressing His qualities in whatever we’re doing?

I’ve been grateful to see evidence of God’s care meeting needs in unique ways when I’ve made spiritual growth my priority. Fear of lack has been overcome when I remember that my true purpose in work and life is to express and share Godlike qualities—the activity of Life, the caring of Love, the honesty derived from Truth, the reliability of Principle, and the creativity of Soul.

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After my undergraduate studies in fine arts were completed, with student loans to repay, I entered the job market with some trepidation. As I took steps to find work over a period of several months during an economic recession, my small savings were almost used up, and I was discouraged by not having received any job offers. 

I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. One day, when I spoke despairingly of the deadlines I was facing with depleting funds, he helped me see that my true identity is the spiritual reflection of God, that what I really had was not deadlines, but my eternal connection with the reliable presence and power of divine Life, meeting my need each moment.

This was a comforting truth, and when fear tried to overtake my thinking, I held on to the fact that in spite of the appearance of poor economic conditions and lack of opportunity, God was caring for me. I kept a gratitude journal, which helped me maintain prayerful awareness of God’s care during that time. The gratitude list included the friends who kindly offered affordable places to stay, the learning that took place from each interview regardless of whether I received a job offer, and mentors who provided helpful advice.

It is such a blessing to know that God is able to supply our every need.

I found inspiration in these words from First John: “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (3:2). Even when circumstances seem challenging, the spiritual fact remains that, as Christ Jesus demonstrated, we are God’s loved children. As we sincerely work to understand this better, our thought opens to the inspired ideas that meet our needs and enable us to demonstrate God’s love and care for us.

One day my prayers led me to answer a newspaper ad for a computer sales job, even though it was outside my field of study and I felt I wasn’t qualified. I was offered the job immediately, and this job led to a fulfilling career in the rapidly expanding personal computer industry. 

My lack of technical background proved to be a plus, as my assignments included writing about and presenting the technology to newcomers to the computer world. My art training later became an asset in my work as computers became more graphically based.

What a joy it was to be part of the wave of a new industry, helping people do their jobs more efficiently and creatively! I am still in awe of the amazing way in which turning to God, ever-present divine Life, led to fulfilling and joyous work, even when circumstances had looked discouraging. It is such a blessing to know that God is able to supply our every need every day, regardless of changing life circumstances or economic conditions.

My work life has not been without its challenges. When difficulties have arisen, I’ve found it helpful to think about why I go to work—not simply to collect a paycheck or “get through” the workweek until the weekend, but to strive to express God by offering help and respect to others. Actively expressing God is an ability that’s innate in each of us, because we are actually God’s very own spiritual expression.

At one point I decided to leave the business world to teach. It was a new and wonderful challenge, but I soon found myself being treated in what I felt was an unfair manner, and there was a lot of turnover among my colleagues. At the end of the school year I resigned from the job in discouragement.

In the following months I often felt disturbed about what had happened. I decided to make a “quality” list, writing down the spiritual qualities of God that characterized the true nature of me, my supervisor, and my fellow employees. In Christian Science we learn of synonyms for God that help us understand the nature of God and His creation: Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle. All of us—including my supervisor, coworkers, and me—were, in our true being, the spiritual reflection of God, including all the qualities of each of these synonyms.

So my “quality” list went something like this: Instead of holding on to a bad memory of certain people, I saw God’s child as the reflection of divine Mind, and I affirmed that we are all capable of expressing wisdom and discernment. I replaced the image of uncaring individuals with the fact that they expressed the lovingkindness and care of divine Love. I turned to these ideas for months, especially when tempted to dwell on negativity.

This approach was not a “wishful thinking” exercise, but rather a prayerful affirmation of what God had always created. This helped me to forgive others and myself for past inharmony during that challenging time and to affirm that in spiritual reality only good had ever been going on. I was also led to reflect more humbly on ways I could improve my own work going forward.

In spiritual reality only good has ever been going on.

After I prayed this way for some time, a former supervisor reached out and told me how much I was missed at the school. We had a wonderful, harmonious meeting with no remnants of past problems, and I returned to a different position at the school with new and creative responsibilities. Management policies that blessed the school and its employees for many years to come were thoughtfully put in place. I later returned to the business world, but I credit that experience with teaching me the beautiful lesson of how any picture of discord, among employees or otherwise, is something that God did not create and that can be healed through prayer.

For many years I have had my own business, and I’ve found that needs are always met when I focus my attention on the spiritual purpose of the work: serving others by expressing God’s nature—the qualities I include as His reflection. Some years have been more profitable than others, but needs have always been met. 

In the first year of self-employment I was inspired by the thought that God supplies us with the right ideas that bring people together in ways that bless everyone. Through the years the vast majority of my clients have come to me through referrals, and this has been efficient and helpful during the busy years of raising a family. When business seems slow, prayerfully affirming the spiritual purpose behind my work, to bless others, has resulted in renewed progress.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 307). God has created us and given us all the spiritual qualities we need to enjoy purposeful and fulfilling work. Trusting in this fact of our spiritual being upholds us during apparent times of economic instability or lack, lifting us up to new opportunities for the practical, vibrant, joyful demonstration of God’s goodness. We all can realize the fulfillment of our true purpose, the expression of God’s loving and intelligent nature.

To truly listen for God’s voice
October 17, 2016

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