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Healing fear, panic attacks, and anxiety

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In this chat, Doug draws on the spiritual truths he learned while praying to heal a bipolar disorder in his own life. During this time of prayer, he discovered how to discipline his thought into obedience to the Christ and also how much God loves and cares for him and us all. He shares many insights into how we all can spiritualize thought, get to know God better, and discover our true nature as a child of God, which leads to freedom from fear and anxiety.

Doug answers questions like: I pray a lot about controlling fear and anxiety, but I'm fearful my prayers aren't effective. How can I stop this debilitating habit of mistrusting my prayer? Have you ever healed anyone of manic depression and if so, can you share some healing thoughts? What advice to you have for someone who suffers from anxiety and has heart palpitations? How can I completely remove the recurring panic attacks of fear and feelings of overwhelming desperation I've had for years? How can I alleviate my fear of flying and of elevators? And, explain what the laws of God are and how they can banish fear of lack and supply.

In every answer, Doug points to the present power of God in our lives, which destroys anything unlike itself. Therefore, we can truly have dominion over fear and experience the peaceful presence of our Father-Mother God.

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