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That's entertainment!

(An allegory)

From the February 16, 1987 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

What a terrible party!
I had invited into my home (my consciousness)
the most loathsome guests—
discouragement, despair, criticism, fear, doubt, darkness. ...
They stayed and stayed.
They wouldn't leave!
They wouldn't shut up!
They ate and ate and ate up
all my inspiration, confidence, joy.

Finally I threw them out, one by one.

What a mess! I sighed, as I looked at the state of my home
(my consciousness).
But I knew I had to clean it up,
so I began, with broom in hand.
Suddenly, a little gratitude came and did the dishes.
Thank you, I murmured.
You're welcome, said expectation, polishing the floor.
Don't mention it, said humor, sliding down the banister
(while dusting).
We like helping out, said humility and patience.
And pretty soon another party, a real celebration
was taking place in my home (my consciousness).

You are so entertaining, they told me.
And who are all of you? I asked.
Why, we're angels, they replied.
I was unaware, said I.
Most people are, they answered.

The party hasn't stopped.
With prayer it never will.
So if you throw a party
Watch your guest list.
Why entertain fear and doubt
when angels wait without?
(And they always help with the tidying up.)

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