It is with sincere gratitude to...

It is with sincere gratitude to God that I offer this testimony of healing through Christian Science treatment. It is also with a firm, deep conviction that there is no healing power other than Christian Science, the law of God, that I submit it.

I have experienced many physical healings throughout the years that I have studied Christian Science and so have the members of my family. I trust that the following experience may help to inspire some who are seeking to know God better.

I am a pilot for a large commercial air line, and about two years ago, just a few days after returning from a flight into Africa, I became very ill. The help of a Christian Science practitioner was sought. It was evident from the symptoms that it might be a contagious disease; and bearing in mind the legal necessity to report contagious diseases to the proper authorities, my wife and I asked our neighbor, a physician, to diagnose it.

With great alarm he diagnosed it as highly contagious and, finally, after confining me in the contagious ward of a hospital named the disease malaria of the brain. Before the doctor had been summoned for the examination I had become unconscious. I was given no medical treatment except certain inoculations required by law against diseases other than malaria. My company, in accordance with their regulations, brought brain specialists in for consultant examinations; and all of them held no hope for my life, saying, however, that should I survive, it was likely that I would never be mentally normal again.

The practitioner worked day and night in consecrated prayer to God in my behalf. My wife spent every possible moment at my bedside, reading to me aloud from the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

After about a week, while my wife was reading to me one day, I awakened into consciousness. I was surprised to find myself in a hospital, but when my wife had explained it all to me I accepted it without resentment and began to improve daily. Within a week or so I was released from the hospital. During those days of recuperation in our home, I enjoyed the study of Christian Science more than ever before in my life. So deep was my gratitude for it that I rose to great heights of spiritual inspiration.

I was able to return to my professional duties within six weeks. However, at this time I was required by my company to undergo a rigid physical and mental examination. They pronounced me perfectly well, and I resumed my former flying duties in the usual manner. It was a great testing time for me and my family; but in retrospect we now see it as having been a glorious opportunity to prove the allness of God's power in the face of almost certain demise.

Of course I am sincerely grateful for this wonderful healing proof of the Christ, Truth, which was also demonstrated by Jesus, our Master, and which is taught in Christian Science; but I could never put into words my humble gratitude for the true spiritual growth which this experience has brought into my family life. It has established in my heart a firmer determination to learn more and more of this wonderful, demonstrable truth.

I am grateful for every blessing Christian Science brings to all who know and study it. I thank God for Mrs. Eddy, whose spiritual-mindedness enabled her to give us this final revelation of Truth.—(Capt.) Robert C. Hummel, Amityville, New York.

Testimony of Healing
I have always been so grateful...
July 31, 1965

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