Mother's Day every day


The month of May and motherhood go hand in hand in the United States, where Mother’s Day has been officially celebrated annually for over 100 years. Yet anywhere in the world every day is really “Mother’s” day, because every day is God’s day.

Most Sentinel readers understand God to be both Father and Mother. Yet how often do you really think of God as mothering you, nurturing you, cherishing you? Can it make a significant difference in your life if you do? 

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A while ago, I took some time to think and pray about God just as Mother. For instance, when I read the Bible Lesson or sang hymns, I changed all the references to “Father” to “Mother,” and the “He’s and Him’s” to “She’s and Her’s.” It had quite an impact. I felt such an expanded sense of my sweet and tender relationship to our precious Mother-God. In turn, I became more aware of this lovely quality of God’s nature in myself and others. 

Like me, you may think most often of God as our Father. Or you may already have a wonderfully clear sense of what it means that God is both Father and Mother at once. Whatever the case, you might find it quite inspiring to take a day or two to think and pray about God as Mother—yours and everyone’s Mother. Our Mother-God is to be loved, understood, praised, and, yes, demonstrated.  

Enjoy Norm Bleichman’s insights on this special topic in his article, “Mom with us” (p. 4), and Lynne Cook’s awakening to God’s ever-ministering motherhood described in her article, “ ‘Do you have a mother?’ ” (p. 6). As you explore all of this week’s issue, celebrate with us universal Mother’s day—God’s day—today and every day!

May 7, 2012

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