Breathing problems healed

During a recent physical examination required for my employment, the doctor listened to my breathing through her stethoscope and commented, “That’s a beautiful sound. I hear nothing.” I hopped on my bike and rode home, enjoying the exertion and the brisk air. It hadn’t always been that way; this checkup reminded me how grateful I am for a healing of breathing problems over forty years ago.

I grew up attending a Christian Science Sunday School. Every Sunday during the drive to church, my parents played a Christian Science radio program featuring people telling about healings they had experienced from applying the teachings of Christian Science. In my Sunday School class, we read Bible stories about healings resulting solely from prayerful reliance on God: Jesus healed; the prophets healed; the apostles healed. Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered the Principle underlying these spiritual healings and named her discovery Christian Science, healed people and taught her students how to heal. And their prayers healed others. 

My Sunday School classes taught me that I could pray for healing, too, and that it was not God’s will that I should be ill. The first chapter of Genesis states, “God created man in his own image .... And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good” (verses 27, 31). I understood that God did not make me sick and that I had a divine right to be well.

That was the hope I needed as a child when I found myself struggling at times with a breathing problem. I often asked God if I could just be permanently free of this problem so I could play with my friends and siblings. I wanted freedom to run and play sports without any difficulties. 

With the help of a Christian Science practitioner, someone who prays for people who are relying on prayer for healing, my family had witnessed the complete restoration of my sister’s apparently broken arm within a couple of days after her fall from a horse. They had also witnessed my oldest brother’s quick healing of a severely sprained ankle and my second oldest brother’s complete healing overnight of symptoms of appendicitis. Because of proofs such as these and a lifetime of experiencing their own healings, my parents felt confident in praying for healing for me as well. They allowed me to continue to participate in sports, and the periods of restricted breathing occurred less and less often. 

When my older brothers each turned fourteen, they got scuba certified. For several years I watched them come home with their “goody bags” filled with lobster and abalone, and heard their tales of getting out through rough surf, seeing sand sharks, and finding the courage to pet a moray eel. When I turned fourteen, I wanted to get scuba certified like my brothers. Seeing tremendous progress in my health, my parents agreed. I went through the scuba course without any breathing difficulty. I went on to play sports in high school and college, and years later attained an advanced level in scuba diving.

It is easy to forget about being ill as a kid. But the doctor’s recent comment was a reminder of how different my life might have been without the teachings of Christian Science and the persistent prayers of my parents. I’m grateful for those radio programs we listened to on the drives to church and for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons I studied in Sunday School. I’m grateful for all the people at church, who practiced Christian healing and shared their healings of problems. These provided the light and hope that gave me a tangible foundation for trusting the Science of the Christ for healing.

Doug Brown 
Asheville, North Carolina, US

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