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You Can Be a Healer

Deep listening showed me the way

From the July 8, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Christian Science came into my family through both of my grandmothers. Once, during a visit to a busy town in the Netherlands, one of my grandmothers and I were separated from the rest of the family. I remember how I, as a 9-year-old, very resolutely determined the direction to go in order to find the others. After finding them, my grandmother declared that I was a good “listener.” By that she meant I had been able to discern God’s caring presence and follow Him. That sounded like a wonderful compliment to me, and I strove to cultivate this ability to listen as I grew up.

Later, I realized that this kind of listening is the discernment of the Christ-message that comes to my consciousness from God. It was not coming in the form of any advice telling me: “Turn right, then left, and after that straight ahead.” Rather, the Christ was conveying an absolute calm assurance to me that I was on the right path, always in the presence of the Divine.

After moving to Berlin to start college, I had a Sunday School teacher who was also a Christian Science practitioner. He often helped me through prayer when I was in need of healing. I had a deep desire to put into practice my understanding of Christian Science more effectively. And when, a year later, this practitioner became a teacher of Christian Science, I decided to apply for class instruction in Christian Science with him, while I was still a college student.

No, this wasn’t a plan I could have come up with on my own! Again, it was a calm assurance that this was the right step to take at that time.

In those 12 days of instruction, I felt I had completed my true professional training in the practice of Christian Science healing. This gave me a solid foundation, and I was able to help myself and others to gain a more divine view of life and find healing.

The path that led me to commit myself to this healing work full time was not always straight. I first worked as a piano teacher, and then in a tea room with my husband. And in both activities, listening for divine messages was always a great help. Deep prayer to let my path be directed by God led us some years later to a harmonious transfer of this business to our successors. At this point, I applied for advertising in the directory of The Christian Science Journal and The Herald of Christian Science to make myself more available to the public.

Whenever I’ve put myself and my activities completely in the service of God, my path has been easy to walk. It is wonderful every day to work together closely with my divine “employer”!

My practice is not tied to a place, but brings blessings and accompanies me wherever I go. Once I was sitting in a full train compartment, where a menacing-looking group of young people were listening to loud music. Instead of feeling annoyed or fearful, I corrected my view of these young men to see them as innocent, wonderful children of God. Finally, I felt impelled to ask them whether they might not be able to turn down their music. “But, of course. We apologize!” was their polite reply, and all fellow travelers smiled. Another time, I was able to help heal a friend through prayer when she was dealing with back pain.

Experiences like these strengthened my desire to make myself available to the public not only by phone, but also by opening a local office as a Christian Science practitioner.

One time, someone came to my door and wanted to know what exactly I was doing as a Christian Science practitioner. After I gave him some brief explanations, he asked if I could treat him right there and then. For about an hour, we talked and affirmed together his relationship with divine Love. Then he thanked me, paid, and left, taking a Herold (German edition of The Herald) with him. I never heard from him again, but I trust that he received what he needed.

I prayerfully listen every day to find the best way to help people experience the light and freedom of divine Truth.

Doris Ulich is a Christian Science practitioner and lives in Bamberg, Germany.

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