Pain in chest healed, financial difficulties resolved

Years ago, my husband and I owned a small business and a large property. We’d built a home on this ranch land, and we both enjoyed the view in our isolated valley with its abundant wildlife of migrating birds, elk, and deer.

However, our business was not doing well, and we were unable to make our required mortgage payments for over a year. The bank finally sent us notice that our property and home were to be repossessed and would be sold at a sheriff’s sale. The money from the sale would pay off the bank loan.

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I felt devastated by this news. The possibility of being homeless made me terribly afraid. Although we prayed continually and tried many avenues to find a solution, we didn’t find one, and the date of the sale was approaching.

One night I felt a tremendous pain in my chest, and all I could do was lie down. For several days, I stayed in bed, reading and praying. During this time, a Christian Science practitioner gave me Christian Science treatment, and my husband also supported me with his prayers.

All day and into each night, I prayed. In particular, I turned to the Christian Science Hymnal, Words Only Edition. I read it from beginning to end, finding all the hymns that used the word heart. Sometimes I would reread these hymns over and over, finding new meaning and insight. Gradually, I came to see clearly that in reality, “heart” is not a muscle; heart is our God-given capacity for joy. This healing message came clearly to my thought: No matter what the material scene is, hold fast to your joy. Let nothing take it from you!

Joy is part of our real and indestructible nature as the reflection of God. So it’s natural for us to feel and express this quality in our lives. Hymn 139 in the Hymnal gives a lovely illustration of joy and our relationship to God:

I walk with Love along the way,
And O, it is a holy day;
No more I suffer cruel fear,
I feel God’s presence with me here;
The joy that none can take away
Is mine; I walk with Love today.
(Minny M. H. Ayers, adapt. ​​​​​​​​© CSBD)

That feeling or knowing of joy is evidence of our direct relation to God. As we claim this joy as ours because it is from God, we find that nothing can really take it from us.

After a few days of praying in this way, all pain immediately stopped and I was well. I was also no longer afraid of losing our home—and I knew this freedom from fear was the key healing. I was able to go back to work, holding fast to the precious message to claim my joy and to be joyful.

When the sheriff’s sale occurred a while later, the buyer contacted us to discuss when we would be able to move out. Winter was coming, and the buyer had no immediate plans for the property. So he invited us to stay in our home rent-free and simply pay for the electricity we used. Then as spring came and the weather improved, we could set a date with him to move.

During this discussion, the buyer inquired as to who owned the water and mineral rights of the property. It turned out that we did—these had not been part of the bank obligation. So we struck a deal on these rights, and the buyer gave us a large check. This enabled us to relocate and have a cash down payment on a small new home with mortgage payments we could afford. It was certainly a joyful occasion when we moved in. We made an easy transition from the previous home to the new home—and we were never homeless.

Over the years of practicing Christian Science, I have experienced healing of many physical and emotional challenges, including a dislocated shoulder, a torn muscle, allergies, depression, financial loss, hearing loss, and family conflicts. With each healing I discover anew this beautiful truth that God’s spiritual idea, man, is made to be joyful! This fact is my wealth and my security.

Sheila Smith
Saint George, Utah, US

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July 11, 2016

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