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You can rely on God—ALL THE TIME

From the December 31, 2007 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

HI, MY NAME IS BRITTANY. One day I was closing the door, and my finger got stuck in a spot where it shouldn't have been. The door closed on it. My mom helped me get it out. My finger hurt a lot.

I called my dad. (He is a Christian Science practitioner.) He helped me pray and gave me a lot of good thoughts. For example, he said that God made me, and that everything that God makes is perfect. Nobody could ever fall out of God's care because He is everywhere and you can rely on Him all the time. I thought about how I was made perfect and that I was full of God's good thoughts.

Mom and Dad took me to a Christian Science nurse, who helped bandage my finger.

When I got in bed that night, my mom told me that I was a reflection of God. I was God's image and likeness. When we look in the mirror and we see ourselves, it's not us, it's a reflection. I knew I was God's reflection, and nothing bad could happen to me. God can't be hurt. So His reflection can't be either.

The next day, my finger did not hurt anymore. About four days later, my old fingernail fell off, and there was a new one in its place. And the following week my finger was all healed. Now I can't tell which finger it was.

I'm very grateful for this healing because I learned that God can always help us.

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Brittany is in the fourth grade and loves to read and go to summer camp. She enjoys swimming, surfing, and tennis, and plays the piano and flute.

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