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Bird song and a joyous ‘homecoming’

- Living Christian Science Today

The other morning, I was sitting on our deck in utter awe of the multitude of bird songs surrounding me in the trees. There were so many different songs, and I could actually hear each tune distinctively expressing joy. 

Before we moved to our current home, our family lived in a house built on an open field that had once been full of corn. There were no large trees—only a sapling here and there. I missed trees and birds and their wonderful songs and sounds.

When we decided to search for a new house, one more centrally located in my industrial sales territory, our family prayed by focusing not on the elements we lacked, but with gratitude for all the good that God was already bestowing on us. In our house we had safety, warmth, spaciousness, comfort, and protection. As I prayed, I was very conscious of the Bible promise: “Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3: 10).

I also asked my Christian Science teacher to help me gain a deeper understanding of home. My daughters and I had moved many times, and we very much wanted a place where we could truly feel established.

I looked at several houses, none of which felt right, and I was beginning to feel worried. One afternoon before a meeting, I waited in my car and had some quiet time alone for consecrated prayer. Some ideas came to me so clearly that I searched for a scrap of paper to jot them down. All I could find was a folded napkin in the glove compartment, so as I prayed, I noted the ideas I heard from God on that little napkin. That time of prayer felt so intimate between God and me.

It was especially priceless to recognize that we can pray in Christian Science anywhere, at any time, and hear God’s messages because divine Mind, God, is always knowing us as His infinite ideas. 

In my genuine willingness to listen and follow my Father-Mother God’s directing, I realized that even if a house seemed small and imperfect, it would suffice if that was where God led me. I knew beyond any doubt or argument that “home” was right where I was because I was within God’s allness. Suddenly, concern about square footage and amenities faded from importance. It amazed me to feel such open willingness to follow wherever God guided me. 

The very next day, I learned of a property for sale in a perfect location. That evening, my daughters and I visited the property and knew we’d found our home. The owner had moved out of state and needed a quick transfer of the property. So we finalized the purchase and moved in within three weeks. 

Interestingly, I never discussed with my Christian Science teacher how I missed trees and birds. I also never mentioned a long-held secret wish of mine to have a barn on our property so that my horse could come to live with us, rather than be boarded elsewhere. Yet, we were led to a house that included all these things. Such a joyous homecoming God gave us and still gives us every time I turn into our drive. 

Now as I relish the many songs being sung in the trees around me, I realize that we are like the many precious birds. The birds don’t wait to be asked for their song—they go ahead and sing. In the same way, we can “sing” or express our joy and gratitude for all the good God  brings into our lives.


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