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Protection for our sisters

From the April 14, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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One night a few years ago, I heard a news report about the decision to stone a Somali woman to death because she’d had a child with a man who apparently had promised to marry her but then changed his mind. Sharia law in her area decreed her death when the child was weaned.

This news deeply upset me. Despite my efforts to think spiritually about it in order to claim God’s presence and power right there in the situation and to help the woman, I wasn’t able to calm my anxious feelings. As I tried to sleep that night, I asked God to give me a thought that could help her—and alleviate my own distress about this and so many other injustices in the world. I wanted to be unimpressed by the so-called “power” of evil.

No ideas came, and I went to sleep. Then, quite suddenly at three o’clock in the morning, I sat up in bed, wide awake, and in my thoughts came these words very strongly. I immediately wrote them down:

  • No victim and no persecutor. No poison in the heart of man where Love fills all space.
  • No power in violence where God is all power and the only Creator.
  • No violent domination where the Christ pervades all factions.
  • Divine Love seeks out the would-be persecutor with divine justice.

Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus came to my thought. He was on his way to have Christians killed and imprisoned, and yet the light and love of Christ Jesus shone on him and he was turned from an evil purpose. He became a powerful advocate for Christianity (see Acts 9:1–20). 

This example from the Bible—and the thoughts that preceded it—confirmed that safety and peace are assured as we lean on infinite Life, infinite good, God. 

Finally, I realized that ever-present, all-powerful divine Mind holds all of us safely in His grasp. I prayed with these thoughts and felt the power behind God’s protecting care of this woman and all women. I finally felt peaceful and went back to sleep.

I know many others were praying about this too as it was front-page news in Australia at the time, so I was elated to read a few days later that the woman’s execution had been postponed. Soon someone arranged for her and the child to be brought to Australia in safety.

Ever since then I have often prayed by reaffirming some of the ideas that came to me that night, and also by listening for other thoughts that may be right for a particular situation when I hear of injustice against women. I know that every child of God is obedient to the Christ, God’s message of love to man. God, Mind, is the divine Principle and intelligence that created all. So I reject the thought that someone can be in a danger zone as there is no zone that excludes God.

I also pray to see the perpetrators of violence as God, divine Mind, created and sees all His children: as sensitive and obedient only to the Christ, the expression of Love, divine Principle. This helps me put aside the picture of a cruel mortal, and replace feelings of shock at wrong actions with the acknowledgement of God’s law as all-powerful because it is the law of Love, progress, and forgiveness.

In this way, we can not only help those who feel victimized, but also the so-called victimizers. They also need to be protected from fear, anger, revenge, none of which God has ever given to His children.

Diane Williamson lives in Tyabb, Victoria, Australia.

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