It was early morning. Something woke me up. And I felt as though God was telling me to get out paper and pencil, and start writing. I was reluctant at first. But then I obeyed. Here is the inspiration that came to me, about my work as a Christian Science practitioner.

I am God, and I never created matter—there is no matter. So stop trying to heal matter.

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Neither your patient nor you, as the practitioner, can be mesmerized into believing that a real problem exists, for I never created a problem. There is no problem to heal—only an incorrect (false) concept. Know more of who I am. Know the truth of what I created. This is the fact of the work you do.

There can be no resistance to recognizing what I have created because neither you nor the patient can think in and of yourself. As the practitioner, don't think you have to get the patient to know something—because I know All.

Don't you as the practitioner doubt or question the healing work. Christian Science never fails. Principle is behind all the work for patient/practitioner.

"I am God, and there is none else" (Isa. 45:22). I made all things real and complete. Don't try to understand that which is not—know what is! The power of prayer is the knowing of what is. If I didn't create it, it never was created; therefore, it never can be in thought, because I am Mind. This truth is absolute, and I know no other. I never created the material. There is no material condition.

Mary Baker Eddy brought this fact to the forefront, and the only way her work can be accounted for is through your following of the Christ. It is the Christ that comes to you to know how to heal. The Christ is with each child of God. And this Christ is manifested in thought, speaks the truth to both the patient and the practitioner. There still is only one God, one creation, one Creator, one Mind, one Principle. The patient can't be in the dark, can't be in pain, can't be diagnosed, can't suffer, can't fail, and can't die.

Don't try to understand that which is not—know what is! The power of prayer is the knowing of what is.

There is a law in the work, and it is My law. There is no process-thinking in the work of Mind healing; there is only one fact—God. Start with God and end with God. There is nothing else.

I alone make all that is. I alone am the power in your healing work. I created, and the manifestation of what I created must be.

The work of healing through prayer is in Spirit, not matter. Matter gets too much attention of patient and practitioner. Neither the patient nor the practitioner originates communication—I alone communicate to both.

Listen only to My Word. Stay in the only realm, which is Mine. Don't try to convince the patient of the truth, because then you're accepting the discord that the patient is speaking. Neither you nor the patient knows anything but ME. I am the Healer, and "I AM THAT I AM" (Ex. 3:14). Thus the healing is in knowing of what is. Don't be afraid. Know who I am. Know what I am. Know where I am. Don't delve into that which I never created. Don't accept that which I know nothing of. Don't try to figure out the why. Don't try to analyze. Don't let your patients believe they are creators or the tools of another creator besides me. I am the only, and I have created only ONE; therefore, there is none else. There is no time process involved in perceiving this fact.

As the practitioner, turn yourself to Me. Know Me. As the practitioner, your work of prayer is complete, for it is based in the one creation. The Comforter is present. Stay with Me. Allow nothing but Me to be in your thought, for there is no thought but Me. I am the Mind that thinks you. Thinks the patient. Thinks the universe. Don't believe or accept another thought! As the practitioner, your work is only based on Me.

I am present. I am power. I have made all things perfect. There is no unlikeness to what I have created. There is no substitution. There is no justification to the dream of life in matter. There is only that which I have made, and you only know ME as I am!

Your healing work is complete—don't accept any lie that is spoken to the contrary, because it is not of Me.

"All, all is well" (Mary Peters, Christian Science Hymnal, No 350). I alone am ALL! Accept what I have communicated! Accept that all is perfect! You know only what I know!

Needless to say this inspiration truly reawakened me to the simple humbling fact that God is ALL! I could not feel personally responsible for the work of healing those who call me for help. It made me realize that the final revelation of this divine Science is the foundation on which the healing work is done. It made me grateful to know that I must work from the fact that Christian Science is the final revelation of truth, and that my work can rest safely on the knowledge that each Christian Science treatment is effective. Our prayer cannot be reversed. Our healing work is not drying up. Our healings are not long and tedious. Our work is the fulfillment of prophecy, so that all may witness the promise of Truth's final revelation. CSS

February 19, 2007

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