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Freedom from mental illness

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In his opening comments David emphasizes how important it is "for people to feel and understand God's love for them. God didn't make them suffering mortals, but in His own image and likeness." He says  this true understanding of our nature helps us address not just  what's called mental illness, but all sorts of psychological barriers to freedom and happiness, including ingrained mental habits that would limit us.  

David responds to questions about post-traumatic stress disorder, how to deal with bipolar disorder,  the shadow left by child abuse, and a recurrent sense of paralyzing fear. He offers ideas to a businessman struggling with anxiety and sleeplessness, a parent with a severely depressed adult child, someone who has made a horrible mistake and can't forgive himself. Several site visitors ask about different challenges their individual friends are facing and how they can help them. Others share their thoughts and experience of healing. 

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