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The source of our employment

From the December 1, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

One of God’s wonderful blessings for all of us is our completeness as God’s image—a completeness that includes unending right activity, or employment. 

In the first chapter of Genesis—after declaring that God made man in His image and likeness, and made them male and female—the Bible says, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply” (verse 28).

Because our real individuality is the spiritual expression of God, for us multiplying means forever developing, unfolding, and broadening. God is forever expressing Himself, and God is infinite. So there is no end or limitation to our individuality and its eternal, God-caused activity. Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, writes of this: “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 258).

This reality of perpetual unfoldment and development is directly applicable to our human need for right employment, because what is true spiritually must and will have its human evidence, as the truth becomes clear to us through our sincere prayer and spiritual growth. If God is manifesting in us “the infinite idea forever developing itself,” then there are no dead ends, no interruptions or falling away of our right activity. There is no heartbreak of unemployment, no frustration of under-employment—nothing to block our continuing, full usefulness, because God is the source of it.

If we’ve been searching without success for employment, what may try to discourage us is the belief that our link to right employment is a material one. It seems that our job prospects are linked to who’s hiring, and who’s hiring is linked to the economy, and the economy is linked to broad cyclical swings of one sort or another. And the fear, of course, is that our ability to pay the rent or mortgage is bound up in all of this.

We are never separated from our right employment or from Love’s compassionate care and provision, which never cease. 

Christian Science compassionately lifts such fears from us and opens up the promise of divine Love’s always present provision, which is never dependent on circumstances and which is manifested in exactly the ways that are needed. Our right employment and supply are not found in the material sense of things. They’re found in God, unending Life, which is forever unfolding all that Life has for us, in its perpetual completeness; they’re found in divine Love, which is always opening up for us the full activity and abundance of good. So we are never separated from our right employment or from Love’s compassionate care and provision, which never cease.

One growing concern these days is that the digital revolution, with all of its important progress for humanity, is bringing changes throughout the world that will leave many workers behind—either stuck with stagnant wages or having no jobs at all. 

We can certainly wrap the arms of prayer around humanity on this challenge. Can the ideas of divine Mind ever be left behind or be incomplete? Are the prospects for God’s children tied to something other than their Father-Mother God, from whom they can never be separated? All of Mind’s ideas, God’s children, are one with Mind. They live in Mind, and all the good that Mind is forever unfolding is manifested in every single one of its ideas. So because of who we truly are, all of us are brought along with Mind’s unfoldment and not left behind, because every one of us manifests that unfoldment in the fullness of our own being. God’s law of progress includes everyone.

A ray of sunlight is never deprived of its ability to fully shine, or its opportunities to fully shine. Shining is what it does by its very nature, because it comes from the sun. Similarly, expressing God is what we do by our very nature as the image of God, and nothing can hinder that. There are no glass ceilings in expressing God, no statistical shortages or economic downturns to stymie our perpetual development. It’s not about who we know, or who knows us, or where we live, or the work we’ve done in the past. Our God-given capacities are forever in demand, because God eternally demands that He be fully manifested. God can never be under-expressed, so we can never be under-employed in expressing Him.

If and when retirement becomes right for us, the truth of God’s never-ending unfoldment for us remains a continuous law of enrichment, usefulness, and satisfaction. Science and Health gives this reassuring promise: “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love” (p. 66).

Our prayers for humanity can be a healing influence in the world, because they open the door of thought to the Christ and the Holy Ghost. The Christ is Truth, which dispels the heavy-seeming illusion of under-utilized, under-cared-for man with the light of man’s God-established completeness. The Holy Ghost is divine Science, the law of God and the Science of everyone’s true being. The Holy Ghost is found operating in every human consciousness and experience, opening up in tangible ways evidence of the right employment that God has for each one. We can’t outline in what ways healing will be seen and felt throughout the world, but we can trust all-knowing Love to meet the needs in the right way. 

And for ourselves, too, Christian Science offers the comforting hope that our prospects for fulfilling employment lie with our Father-Mother God, the Mind who already knows us and already knows the activity that is right for us. Not a single idea of Mind is unknown to Mind or off Mind’s “radar.” Divine Love knows all of us and is perpetually fulfilling its purpose for us. 

David C. Kennedy

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