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Healed after a hiking trip

From the February 25, 2019 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Months ago I was hiking on a lake trail involving some elevation shifts, with rocks and tree roots to step over. At one point in the late morning, I fell on my side onto some logs at the side of the trail.

Before being helped up, I sat on the trail for a minute declaring what was true about me in God’s eyes, to counter in my thought the fear that God’s children can fall. God does not know us as made up of bones, muscles, and other physical characteristics, but rather as His spiritual expression, made up of the qualities that characterize God’s nature. For instance, God being unlimited Life, it’s natural for us to express balance and freedom of movement. Because God is measureless Love, it’s natural to experience joyfulness in our interactions with others. Because God is Soul, we include the ability to freely witness beauty all around us. As Spirit, God knows us as actively expressing strength.

I am so grateful that I was hiking with my son and two Christian Science nurses. Their quick and continual declarations of my spiritual perfection in God were a tremendous help. I was able to continue hiking around the lake to the pickup point with minimal assistance. 

However, within two or three hours I could not grasp or pick up anything with my hand. I asked for treatment through prayer from a Christian Science practitioner. He explained that my strength had never come from my body. It had always come from infinite divine Mind. I found helpful the example of the rays of the sun being one with the sun. There is no point where the rays have a source other than the sun. In the same way, we are one with God. There is no point where we are separated from God, or where God stops and we exist somewhere else. This relation to God keeps us in perfect health.

I considered what it says on page 252 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy regarding the importance of understanding the divine Mind and spiritual Truth: “Human ignorance of Mind and of the recuperative energies of Truth occasions the only skepticism regarding the pathology and theology of Christian Science.”

This helped me realize that the physical evidence was not the point. The point was that because I am a spiritual idea of our Father-Mother God, I am always in His, Her, care. There is no material cause that can change this, and therefore, the solution to the problem was neither impossible nor fundamentally physical. Rather, I was dealing with a mental impression that did not coincide with the truth of how I am made and maintained by God, my true and forever Parent and protector. To correct this false impression, a better understanding of this spiritual reality was needed.

The Bible talks about God giving man dominion “over all the earth” (Genesis 1:26). My prayers affirmed that there could be no ill effect from a fall because God has given us dominion.

With this line of prayer and the prayers of the practitioner, the strength gradually returned to my hand. Normal function was totally restored by that night, and I have been able to use my hand normally ever since. Also, lingering pain in one of my legs gradually lessened, did not hinder any of my activities during the trip I was on, and soon was completely gone.

I am so grateful that God is “a very present help in trouble” (Psalms 46:1).

Nancy M. Sanders 
Edmonds, Washington, US

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