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Muscle strain relieved

From the March 17, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

One day this winter I went running with a couple of friends. That alone was an amazing demonstration—breaking through a slump I’d been having and remembering that my love of running is my God-given expression of joyous activity.

The first part of the run was primarily uphill. As we ran I started to feel pain in a muscle that I’d strained while working out a few days before. I didn’t say anything to my friends but was rather quiet while they were chatting away having fun. As we kept going it started to loosen up a bit, though the pain was still present with every step. Later on in the run, we passed an ambulance and fire truck parked outside a new YMCA gym. While I didn’t know exactly what they were there for, I began to know the truth that God knows only good—whoever was in need had immediate protection.

I remembered this quote from Mary Baker Eddy, found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “Accidents are unknown to God … ,” and the passage later states that “… there is no room for imperfection in perfection” (p. 424). I reasoned that any kind of activity, whether at a gym, while running, or doing anything joyful was a perfect expression of God as Life, Spirit, and Love—three synonyms that Mrs. Eddy gives for God. There was certainly no room for any imperfection in anything good, and I knew this idea was absolutely true.

These thoughts of perfection continued to flood my mind with a sense of peace. And in that moment of prayer, I felt the pain in my muscle completely dissipate. I was even able to pick up the pace for the last few blocks of my run. I felt an amazing feeling that I remembered from being a long-distance runner, where everything is working together and there is an incredible sense of wholeness and rightness to the activity of running. And since then I have continued to have this renewed excitement about getting back out there again! I am also so thrilled and grateful to have such an amazing healing while prayerfully supporting others. Nothing can stop our joyous activity when we put God first.

Kim Hedge
Washington, DC, US

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