It was just after breakfast when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder

It was just after breakfast when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. When it didn't go away, I made my way into the family room and lay down on the sofa. I tried to think of someone to help me pray. I tried to call my mom at the Christian Science Reading Room, but she had just left home and would not arrive there until later. My dad was at work, so I called a Christian Science practitioner I know. She was not in, so I left a message on her answering machine. Since there was no person around to help me, I turned to God.

For Sunday School, our assignment had been to read some Christian Science literature during the week. I had been reading Science and Health, so I picked up where I had left off at the top of page six. It was exactly what I needed! Reading the page made me realize how God loves us; therefore we cannot sin and we will always be protected. There is one part that I particularly like. It is: "'God is Love.' More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go." That thought was very comforting.

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By the next morning I was able to do my volunteer work without any pain!

After that I was able to reach my mom, and she shared some truths and "the scientific statement of being" (see ibid., p. 468) with me. I then called the practitioner again. I reached her and we discussed what was true about me as the reflection of God. After half an hour I called my mom back to tell her I was doing better. I then went into the kitchen and put away the breakfast dishes. Every time my shoulder would hurt I would say "No!" right out loud. And every time I did, I felt error weaken. By the end of the day I was doing much better, and by the next morning I was able to go do my volunteer work without any pain!

Alex Rockwood Sherborn, Massachusetts

It is with real joy that I confirm Alex's testimony. The healing occurred this summer, and it happened as he has written. I was surprised when I got his call, as he appeared to be feeling fine when I left the house. I offered to come right home, but Alex said that he had left a message for a practitioner and that he would be all right alone as he continued to pray. Since I was only a short drive from the house, we agreed that he would call me if he needed me to come home. I was pleased when he called me about half an hour later to tell me he was feeling better. By dinnertime he was free of discomfort.

I am grateful that Alex has learned how to turn to God when an emergency arises, and that he has many times been able to prove that God protects and heals His beloved children. How comforting it was for me to know that even though he couldn't reach any adult immediately, he did have his pastor (the Bible and Science and Health) there with him, and he turned to it.

Thank you for the wonderful articles that you publish for young people. I read them as a child, and am pleased that now my son can benefit from them.

Carol S. Rockwood

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March 10, 1997

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