When I went to get my learner’s permit

Last summer, I really wanted to get my learner’s permit so I could start practicing driving. But taking tests of any kind has always felt hard to me. Even though I study and prepare, my test results don’t always show what I know.

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For the permit test, I used the state online testing site—taking practice exams to prepare. Though I’d studied on and off throughout the year, I still failed my first few attempts at taking the actual test. The biggest struggle for me was knowing what to study, because the Department of Motor Vehicles has so many versions of the exam and you never know which test you’re going to get.

After many failed attempts, I began to worry that maybe I wouldn’t be able to pass. 

One of the things that I will always be thankful for is growing up in a family where God is at the center of our lives. Attending the Christian Science Sunday School and reading the weekly Bible Lesson have been my regular practice for as long as I can remember.

The spiritual fact that I am God-created and able has stuck with me, and it still comes to me when I need it.

When I was younger, one thing that my mom always used to say to me before I’d go to school was that I could remember that “God made me able.” This helped me remember that as God’s child, I was created with all the intelligence and ability I needed, and my understanding of this would enable me to succeed. I’d also learned in Christian Science Sunday School that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him” (Genesis 1:27). Being made in God’s image meant that I must be capable. The spiritual fact that I am God-created and able has stuck with me, and it still comes to me when I need it.

I decided that it was time to start praying about the test. I called a Christian Science practitioner and told her how I was feeling. The next time I went to take the test she reminded me that I am “embraced in the panoply of God’s security.” That helped me feel calm. She also said that because I’m really God’s reflection, I can think and act rightly, so I have the scope, liberty, freedom, and space to respond intelligently to the test.

My mom and I waited more than two and a half hours at the DMV before I got called up to take the test. On the way up, I reminded myself that “God made me able.”  

The lady at the desk smiled at me and said: “This is your day. Today you will pass the test!” 

This was like another angel message, a reminder of God’s presence and my ability, and she made my day by saying that. I walked into the test with confidence. After I finished, I felt great, and very soon I found out that I’d passed! 

I felt so happy to have my permit in hand. Mom and I decided to go back and thank this woman at the desk, who gave me that encouragement, and show her my permit.

Even though taking tests can still feel like a challenge, this experience was a real proof for me that God is present and is helping me. I am so happy to be learning that God really does give me the ability to do all the things I need to do.

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Lisa Andrews—Staff
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June 27, 2016

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