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Harmony on the job

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When I was in business as an interior designer, I was in contact with many individuals every day—contractors and vendors, installers and paperhangers, painters, and, of course, clients. I often found myself in situations where there were many different ideas about how to solve a particular problem—in other words, a lot of human minds, each with an opinion as to what should be done and how it was to be accomplished.

These times were when my understanding of God and my relationship to Him, as taught in Christian Science, came to my rescue. I would always begin by knowing that God was the only creator and that He created all in His image and likeness as explained in chapter one of Genesis. Well, that was a good start, but the thought that inevitably followed was what I felt was the answer to my prayers: that God is expressing Himself through all His Ideas, His children. That included everyone with whom I had contact, so I could recognize that there is no conflict in the way God expresses Himself through His ideas. And since I was knowing that God is expressing Himself through all His ideas, including me, I would be led to approach each project or job as God directed. Believe me, this prayerful approach worked.

Here’s an example. As a result of my prayers, I was led to remind each contractor, before I hired him or her, that he or she must complete the job to the client’s satisfaction. I told contractors that if they wished to accept the job on that basis, that was fine, but if not, I would find someone else. In retrospect, that thought protected everyone concerned, including the client, the contractor, and me. 

One time, a contractor had to return repeatedly to complete a job for a client. The contractor was the paper hanger, and had done a fine job in several rooms. But in one room he could not get the paper to stay on in an area above a door. I checked with the builder who said that all the wallboard came from the same shipment; he could not explain why the paper hanger was having difficulty with that one area. It might have been tempting to leave that area poorly done, but the inspired thought that the job had to be completed to the client’s satisfaction proved to be a protection. There was no question as to the contractor taking the responsibility that he had agreed to when he accepted the job. 

It took three visits and three different approaches, but the contractor completed the job beautifully. To me, this was an example of how God, divine Mind, is always available to help and guide us, if we just ask, and then listen and respond. In fact, I saw and experienced this kind of harmony with every job. I enjoyed a successful career, and never encountered the major problems that sometimes go hand in hand with the design field. And I continued to seek and find divine direction as to how to go about hiring contractors.

When I share these experiences with others, I often sum up the lesson I learned like this: “There is no conflict in the way God expresses Himself through His ideas—His children.”


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