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No more cancer

From the March 10, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

In 1974 I had my first healing in Christian Science.

During one routine checkup when I was in my 20s, my doctor told me: “I’d like to do another checkup with a second physician.” That additional exam led to a biopsy. A few days later, the second doctor called to tell me they’d found cancer and that I needed to go straight to the hospital for surgery. “If you don’t have this operation,” he said, “you’ll be dead by the time you’re 40.”

Those were the most horrifying words I’d ever heard in my life. I already had a terrible fear of cancer before this diagnosis. And as this fear went through me, it made me feel absolutely numb. Despite my panic, I knew that surgery wasn’t the only option. I knew there had to be another way.

Just before the diagnosis, I’d met a man who told me how he’d been healed of a brain tumor by applying the teachings of Christian Science. After speaking with him, I’d attended a service at the local Christian Science branch church, but I still didn’t really know anything about Mary Baker Eddy and her teachings. What I did know, however, was that there is a connection between thought and body, and that how we are thinking about things makes a difference. So I picked up a copy of The Christian Science Journal and made an appointment with a local Christian Science practitioner.

Driving to the practitioner’s home, I was loaded down with fear. I sat on the edge of the chair in her office with every muscle tense. I had no idea what the healing would entail. Would there be a laying on of hands, or chanting? Would I have to put on a paper gown, as if I was visiting a doctor’s office?

But the practitioner’s treatment had nothing to do with examining matter. She only spoke to me lovingly, and something amazing began to happen. I felt the weight of terror lifting from my shoulders, and it felt like a beautiful presence had laid a mantle of protection and happiness in its place. When the practitioner told me I was a perfect child of God and therefore entitled to perfect health, I accepted what she said wholeheartedly because I felt God’s presence all around. I had absolutely nothing to fear.

I walked out of that practitioner’s office a changed person. I knew that nothing would ever be the same for me again, and I decided not to have surgery.

For one year, everywhere I went, I saw everything as especially beautiful. Flowers, people, dogs, and trees, all were stunning and divine, part of God’s creation. I had undergone a transformative experience, and I was seeing the world through new eyes: God’s eyes. After that year, I went back to the doctor, who confirmed that I was totally cancer-free—and have been for 40 years!

My healing also led to a series of revelations that set a new course for my life. One day, it was made profoundly clear to me that there is only one God. Of course, I’d thought that I already understood that there was only one God. But as it turned out, I actually had gods for everything: I had a god for money, a god for romance, a god for anger, a god for whatever I was dwelling on. When it finally came to me that there is only one God, one Mind, it totally changed my perception. I realized that we create these false gods because we’re, in a sense, hypnotized by materialism, and we worship false gods in ways we may not even be aware of.

After this profound revelation, more knots were untied in my consciousness. Thoughts and behaviors that I had accepted as natural suddenly felt wrong, and I realized that the false beliefs—beliefs I had once accepted without question—had started to dissolve. The more ways I found to live closer to God, the more pronounced these changes became.

There are some pivotal points that set the course for one’s entire life. I believe that my healing through Christian Science was one of those pivotal points, and I am forever grateful that I chose to follow God’s path.

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