No ‘waiting’ for a healing

Over a span of many productive years, I have experienced more instantaneous healings than I can recall. My own most recent and significant one occurred last fall after I had been raking up some wet leaves for pick up by the waste management truck. Since I have such a large number of 40-year-old trees growing on my lawn, this is a four-week project for filling more than 50 large leaf bags. 

It was near the end of the four weeks, and there had been a lot of rain the previous night, and I was using a long handled shovel. At one point, not using the recommended procedure for lifting such weight, as I was lifting the leaves I injured my back. I was suddenly in extreme pain.

Living alone in the house, I was able to hobble inside and discovered that the pain went away only if I was standing upright or lying straight on my back. Lying down turned out to be a comfortable position in which I could pray. I didn’t make a phone call. I have grown so used to praying, and healing myself through those prayers alone, that I felt no need to call for assistance. I was able to pray without moving until I fell asleep that night, and then woke up early the next morning.

When I first tried to lift myself up to get out of bed, the intense pain returned, so it was with great effort that I was able to stand up straight. After I gained my balance, it suddenly came over me that no way was I going to accept this mortal lie about myself, and I stamped my right foot with a tremendous force of conviction. What was Jesus thinking during the times he said: “Who touched me?” (Luke 8:45); “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11); “Thy sins be forgiven thee” (Mark 2:5); “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk” (John 5:8); or “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43)? 

The Christlike realization of man’s present perfection often has no words, and in my case it didn’t. Mortal, material consciousness was the impostor—only a mirage—attempting to falsify the facts of being. In an instant I realized all the pain had suddenly vanished. I literally jumped for joy, dancing down the stairs to the kitchen, rejoicing all the way. 

This was just one more of many proofs of the power of Christian Science healing. Our complete spiritual oneness with God, divine Love, is proved by perfect, quick healing.

Malcolm Drummond 
Henrietta, New York, US

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