Even if you doubt there is a God

Even if someone were to doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow, it would rise. And it would warm the earth. Man's relationship to God is something like that. Maybe in the past we doubted He existed. Maybe sometimes we still do. But that doesn't end ever-present Life, doesn't blot out divine Love (and they're both names for God). And our doubt doesn't stop Love's care and love for us.

Even if you don't believe in God, God does believe in you— the real you He made in His likeness. He knows the goodness, the gentleness, and the intelligence He expresses in you. He knows each of us to be wonderfully, spiritually good—perhaps in a way we only rarely act now. Still, it's how He sees us: purely spiritual. And as we understand Him better, we'll be able to act and live in a way that more and more resembles the reflection of Life and Love we really are, the true selfhood God knows.

Just what is the "God" you've had trouble believing in? Maybe your doubt or disbelief isn't such a bad thing. If the God you've heard or been taught about is unjust or far-off or vague—well, I can't blame you! I'd have trouble worshiping or wanting to know such a God. But get to know Him as He really is. There are seven major terms for Him in Christian Science. Terms that will help make God more concrete to you, no matter what church you go to. Or even if you don't follow any religion. Mrs. Eddy describes God in Science and Health as "Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love." Science and Health, p. 587. If those terms are new to you as names for God, let them tell you something of His nature. If they are familiar, don't let them slide by. Ask yourself the tough questions: Just what does it mean—one infinite Life? How is it that Love loves every one of us, without a speck of hate? How can I more completely live the truth of Truth?

Maybe the crowd around you is preoccupied with material things—drugs and drug paraphernalia, for example—and selfish ways of thinking. But haven't you ever felt a tug in a different direction? A sense that there's much more to the good around you than can be explained in a material way? That there must be a higher, spiritual viewpoint from which things make a lot more sense?

To follow that pull, to rise to that vantage point, you may have to stand mentally apart from the crowd. Think independently. Seek out the answers to those tough questions. Then, even if you don't at first actually see proof of God in a material way, you'll begin to be more and more aware of the evidence of pure Truth, of Life, of Love. This begins to happen as we challenge the surface view of things and look farther. See the honesty, the genuineness, the joy, the spontaneity. Look quietly and find the beauty, the integrity, the strength, the peace. Sure, we don't actually see those things with our eyes. But they are here. And they are some of the proof that God is here. They are His qualities.

If we're entangled in doubt or disbelief, we can wake to the fact that God never deserts us. If we're reaching out to Him in prayer and listening, His healing message—the Christ—will crash through and reach us. One time a man came to Christ Jesus, bringing his sick son with him. They wanted healing. Jesus said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." The father "cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief." Mark 9:23, 24. Did Jesus tell him to come back when he had more belief and less doubt? No way. He healed the boy on the spot. It was one more case—and there have probably been many millions of them over the years—where the power of God cut through doubt and disbelief and reached the individual.

Suppose we were to doubt the sun will shine. Still, it would shine on us, and we would be warmer because of it. There is good from God in your life and mine whether or not we recognize its source. Simply that we're alive gives some hint of God as Life. But once we get to know Him—really understand Him—the good that's always available will pour into our lives like sunlight on a clear day. Brightening. Cheering. Warming.

It starts with a trust in God's presence. And an understanding of His nature. A trust and understanding within our grasp now.

Testimony of Healing
As a child I was plagued with headaches
May 11, 1981

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