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God’s care for me

From the September 5, 2016 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Originally written in German, this first appeared in the September 2016 French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

I have three children, and I’m always happy to talk with them about God. That gives me a feeling of peace. They also learn about God in the Christian Science Sunday School, and they have a deep understanding of Christian Science. I have a very good relationship with the children, which is sustained by my understanding of divine Love.

Despite this happiness with my children, my marriage was not going well. It began with my husband shouting at me for every little thing. Then it seemed that I was completely unimportant to him. As long as he could come home from work, eat, and watch television, he was happy. Nothing else seemed to matter to him. In the end, I came to feel very small. I no longer had any sense of my own value. It seemed that he had suppressed everything that I had learned through my study of Christian Science, and I was unable to think clearly.

I became so dispirited that I could hardly breathe, and all I ever wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t want to go to church, didn’t even want to get out of bed. Then the children spoke to me with tremendous authority. They reminded me that I knew the truth about my own nature as God’s child. They made it clear that this sleepiness was a lie and that I must not accept it. I was quickly restored and able to resume my normal activities.

Then my husband began to speak against Christian Science. He wanted to forbid me from praying or practicing my religion in any way. He was so adamant that I was eventually forced to separate myself from him. During the difficult time before the separation, however, God sustained me, and my prayers led me to inquire about training to become a Christian Science nurse. The way was not always easy, but I held fast to the protection of divine Love.

Soon my children and I moved to another city, where I was trained as a Christian Science nurse. Now my children and I have a good family life, and I am completely healthy. I have wonderful work that makes me happy. Every day gives me the opportunity to remember that we are all God’s beloved children and that we already have all good, all that we need, because we are safe in His love. His good is eternally ours.

I thank divine Love with all my heart for giving me a new life.

Name withheld

Originally written in German, this first appeared in the September 2016 French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

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