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Two pivotal healings

From the February 11, 2019 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

It is with deep gratitude that I submit this testimony of healing. I had been struggling for several days with flu symptoms, when the condition worsened into what I thought was probably pneumonia. 

It was evening, and I was in bed, trying to know and really understand what was true about God and His expression, man. I mentally affirmed that God is Love, which we learn from the Bible, and reasoned that Love causes only good. In First John we read, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear” (4:18). Even so, fear was gripping me, and I felt bombarded by fearful thoughts that I was not going to live much longer. Feeling so unsettled, I got up and walked down the hallway to the lounge, where my husband was. 

Pacing up and down the room in a very fearful state of thought, I asked my husband to call the Christian Science practitioner who was praying for me. She calmly told my husband to tell me to “allow the Christ to do the healing.” When he relayed this message, it was as if something washed over me. I drank in the practitioner’s words. I was ready and willing to totally accept this message of comfort as having its source in God; I flopped back into a chair and surrendered myself to God. At that point, it felt as if something were actually draining out of me from the top of my head to my feet. With awe and gratitude, I got up and went to bed, sleeping soundly till the morning and waking up completely free.

More than a year after this, while my husband and I were living on a lifestyle property in a small rural town, I began to feel some difficulty in my general movement. Our property, being large, needed continual maintenance, which at times included considerable physical effort—we had a large garden, and several paddocks with cattle, sheep, and a few horses. I prayed sporadically about my difficulty with movement, but the condition did not yield to my prayers. At the time, we were also fostering a young woman of high school age who required an unusual amount of care and guidance.

Months later we moved to another town closer to my husband’s place of work. We had a smaller garden and no livestock at this new home, but my problem with movement worsened. I called a Christian Science practitioner for support through prayer. I told her that I desired to go into the full-time practice of Christian Science healing but had this problem that I would like metaphysical help with first. I reasoned that if I was to help others, I first needed to prove the effectiveness of this Science more fully for myself. The practitioner immediately discerned what needed healing: I needed to stop resisting commitment to what God was inspiring me to do. 

This was a wake-up call for me. Was I thinking that going into the practice was God’s will for me, but that I needed Him to heal me of this condition first? Was I putting conditions on God, the all-loving Father who gives us all things? 

I committed much time to studying the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, predominantly her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and to praying about my desire to become a Christian Science practitioner advertising in The Christian Science Journal. My prayers included an outreach of love for others and a deep desire to help them through the wonderful spiritual laws of healing that are available for every man, woman, and child. I forwarded my application for Journal listing to the appropriate department at The Mother Church, and shortly after that I was accepted. 

But I was still experiencing difficulty with movement. As I listened to God to know what to do, the thought suddenly came that I should specifically address in my prayers the disease called multiple sclerosis. At first I was shocked, but realizing that divine Truth had exposed this error so it could be healed, I prayed diligently and joyfully, applying the truths of Christian Science to affirm the powerlessness of this false belief. I worked steadfastly with the weekly Bible Lesson as outlined in the Christian Science Quarterly, and denied any belief of resistance to my practice of Christian Science healing and to my proper and right activity. In a short time, I was completely free from this debilitating and painful condition. There has been no recurrence in the ensuing years. It’s interesting to me that once I really tackled the belief of resistance to going into the full-time practice, the healing followed naturally through the acknowledgment that nothing was blocking my path forward.

I love to remember Mrs. Eddy’s words on page 400 of Science and Health: “When we remove disease by addressing the disturbed mind, giving no heed to the body, we prove that thought alone creates the suffering.” It was important for me to not give heed to the body, and this supported the healing. I’ve learned from this experience that if God inspires me to do something, who am I to resist? Being obedient to His direction can bring only blessings.

Gaylean Haste
Upper Hutt, New Zealand

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