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No more lung and heart trouble

From the November 12, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

I was eighteen years old and had been attending First Church of Christ, Scientist, São Paulo, since I was fourteen. I wasn’t really applying what I was learning to my daily life, but just liked to explore the Bible, and also Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy. 

After a while I began having problems with a cough, and I couldn’t breathe right anymore. I had chest pains and couldn’t sleep. After I spent several days at home not feeling well, my mother came with me to a hospital, where I was admitted with suspected pneumonia and tuberculosis. I was placed in isolation in a room within the lung and heart unit of the facility.

I underwent a surgical procedure to drain my lungs. After several days I was taken for a heart ultrasound, and they said that I had fluid in my heart and that it would be necessary to operate on my heart.

Back in my hospital room, I remembered what I had learned in Christian Science—that I am the image of God, therefore perfect and spiritual, without illnesses and without a predisposition to having illnesses. And I remembered that God’s love is everywhere and that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything. 

I had forgotten Science and Health and how helpful it was. Without much thought, I had gone to the hospital, but I now realized that I needed to trust God and that this physical trouble would disappear because sickness and evil are not real and powerful. God, good, is the only power. I also remembered that I could have contacted a Christian Science practitioner and asked for Christian Science treatment, as this is an option when we find ourselves struggling with a problem. 

There was a medical nurse there in the hospital who had a copy of Science and Health, and he gave it to me to read, reminding me that I was made in the image of God. That same day was the day I had the heart examination. The following day they planned to do the heart procedure.

Well, I spent the whole day reading Science and Health alone in my isolation room, and I kept on reading through the night until dawn. I fell asleep reading and woke up later feeling extremely well. The nurses brought me breakfast, and I went down the corridor to watch TV. Closer to noon I went for another examination, but the examination showed that the fluid in the heart was no longer there and the abnormality in the lungs was disappearing. The doctors redid the test on different equipment and got the same result. 

So I went back to my room and, since the hospital is a Catholic hospital, a nun came to see me and told me that a miracle had happened, because I wasn’t supposed to be well! My mother is a member of an evangelical church, and although she has not acknowledged my being healed by Christian Science, she does say that it was God.

It is now over twenty years later. I am a member of The Mother Church, and I shared this testimony of healing in the church here in São Paulo so that, with the fruit of my lips, I might witness to God’s love and that we are made in His image and likeness. I want to thank God and Mary Baker Eddy for giving us the wonderful gift that is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. 

Luis Ferreira Farias 
São Paulo, Brazil

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