What Is Really Going On?

It has always been helpful to the writer, when confronted with a picture of evil of any kind—whether it was sickness, sin, death, war, or crime, or whenever evil seemed more real than good—to ask himself the question, What is really going on? As elementary as that question may appear to be, it has brought to his thought some profound truths that have clarified and frequently destroyed the illusion of the reality of evil, and has restored his peace. Today's world seems to be full of ugly pictures projected upon the screen of thought, and it would be easy to accept these pictures as true instead of seeing them only as the mortal, or carnal, mind's presentations of itself—utterly apart from divine reality.

When one views a movie, it is not difficult for him to let the picture become so real that he can actually suffer intensely with those on the screen. Tears can pour forth at the predicaments the characters find themselves in; fear can take hold; one can really get carried away with what he sees. Yet the calm, intelligent, objective viewer is not taken in. He constantly reminds himself that what seems so real is only an image on the screen, that soon the lights will go on—and no one will have been hurt. To this watcher, there never has been the least bit of danger regardless of visual evidence to the contrary.

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So it is with the alert, intuitive, understanding Christian Scientist. He knows what is really going on. He is not taken in by mortal mind's projections—tricks that would make him believe that something is happening contrary to or apart from God, good. The minute he detects that something is not good, he knows that it is not real; he refuses to become frightened by it; the lights go on and all is well again—the light of Truth destroys the darkness of error.

How can we know what's really going on? By following the directive given us by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, where she writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "If you wish to know the spiritual fact, you can discover it by reversing the material fable, be the fable pro or con,—be it in accord with your preconceptions or utterly contrary to them."  Science and Health, p. 129;

What, then, of disease? How real it seems sometimes! How rough the going can be for the man who thinks he has it. Yet the exact opposite of disease is true—health. Health is a quality of Mind, a quality individualized in every single one of God's children, a quality that emanates from Spirit and is illustrated by the light and warmth which flow from the sun. Health is impartial, constant, unfluctuating, immutable, always here, always available for everyone to have, to enjoy, to draw upon. Health is a quality independent of the material body or its conditions, independent of the weather, heredity, food, or age. Then an individual can no more lose his health than he can lose his identity. In fact, health is continually going on—disease never.

Sometimes we are made to believe not only that disease is going on but that it has been going on for a long time. Christian Science treatment may have been given for quite a period, yet nothing seems to be happening. We can reverse that material fable with the spiritual fact that Truth is maintaining harmonious, normal action forever. We can be certain, then, that the healing is taking place. We can be comforted by recalling the condition of the cocoon that looks like a dead, dry twig shortly before there emerges a magnificent butterfly. According to the outward sense of things nothing is going on. Yet loveliness is constantly taking place. Life is there all the time; activity is present. Good is really going on.

We may be confronted with the thought that sickness not only is going on in the body, and has been going on for some time, but also has been developing to a point that may eventually cause death. What are the facts that can reverse that kind of believing? The assurance that matter, being an illusion of mortal thought, has no power to act or to develop; that disease, being a phase of this illusion, cannot move itself about from one place to another; that it has no power to grow or to expand; that the only growth that is really going on is the development of good, the development of spiritual understanding. Disease is never really going on. Hence it cannot kill man. Mrs. Eddy substantiates this fact when she counsels us to "insist vehemently on the great fact which covers the whole ground, that God, Spirit, is all, and that there is none beside Him. There is no disease."  p. 421;

Note that the words "no disease" are italicized—sure indication that Mrs. Eddy meant just what she said—no disease. There is never a moment when disease is going on. Moses had to learn that early in his experience (see Ex. 4:6, 7). When he beheld leprosy on his hand he had to learn that disease was only an illusion and nothing more—a delusion, a hallucination, a lie, an image on the screen of mortal mind—nothing to stand aghast at, nothing to fear, nothing to be impressed with.

Asking oneself frequently during the day, What is really going on? can certainly help elicit the answers necessary for the handling of disordered world conditions. It can help us see that no Christian Scientist should ignore evil's claims or fail to reverse them. The Christian Scientist does not cry, "'Peace, peace; when there is no peace.'"  Jer. 6:14; It is related by one of Mrs. Eddy's students that "she once said she could not teach a person who excused error, who closed his eyes to evil, that that person was not teachable." He related that "someone sent her a set of the three little brass monkeys—'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.' That, said Mrs. Eddy in substance, is not Christian Science, it is heathen philosophy. Christian Scientists do not close their eyes to evil, but open them. They open their eyes, spiritual discernment, and awaken to the true nature of evil or sin, to its false claims, methods, subtlety, etc., and then realize its nothingness, its utter powerlessness to control or to harm."  We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, First Series, pp. 21, 22 .

With this approach the student uses The Christian Science Monitor to present to him in depth the problems facing the world each day; and as practitioner for a world, he applies spiritual facts to material fables. He knows what is really going on—the government of God, not the government of imperfect, unjust rulers or classes; the love and unity of all of the children of God, not the segregation and separation of men into races and creeds; the satisfaction and abundance available from God for all of His ideas, not the discontent and starvation of some and the affluence and joy of others; the innocence, the sinlessness of every living being—unfolding the loveliness of his creator—not the sensual, killing, deceiving, hateful thought that would destroy.

What, then, is really going on? The irresistible expression of the Christ, Truth, in the consciousness of every man. The inevitable appearing of Love's plan for His beloved son, the operation of divine Principle, wherein sin, sickness, and death are unknown—this is what is really going on.

The Mother as an Educator
September 13, 1969

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