I became acquainted with Christian Science after a friend told...

I became acquainted with Christian Science after a friend told me I could be healed of a spinal injury through the help of a Christian Science practitioner. My healing was perfect and complete. That was twenty years ago. In deepest gratitude I became a member of The Mother Church and a branch church and served the latter in every possible way. This service was very rewarding.

At various times of stress and need, I requested help from Christian Science practitioners. My healings include those of heart attack, loss of vision along with incoherent speech, a fractured tooth, family and business difficulties, fear of swimming in deep water and of flying, and grief when separated from loved ones.

Last year we moved to this beautiful island, which we intend to make our permanent home. This entailed necessary examinations for professional licenses, insurance policies, and especially drivers' licenses that are accepted here as proof of citizenship. I applied for a driver's license and passed the written test, road test, and eye test. I was then given a temporary license. It stipulated that a permanent license would be issued after I had passed a medical exam and the doctor's signed certificate was returned to the license bureau within thirty days.

A few days later a houseguest, who was not a Scientist, arrived. For several days she did not feel very well and took a variety of medicines, with no evident improvement. I tried to be cheerful, but self-righteousness crept in, and I began to resent her presence.

During extensive moving and business problems I had developed fear of debility, changing blood pressure, and diminishing strength due to age, and I dreaded another medical exam. I had been warned twice about my blood pressure. My fears were realized two weeks before the medical certificate had to be filed with the license bureau. A doctor examined me thoroughly and said that I was in pretty good shape but my blood pressure was irregular. He was unable to complete the certificate.

I returned home feeling utterly disconsolate. Then I began a study of the Bible Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly. That week's subject was "Truth." On page 420 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy I read: "The fact that Truth overcomes both disease and sin reassures depressed hope. It imparts a healthy stimulus to the body, and regulates the system. It increases or diminishes the action, as the case may require, better than any drug, alterative, or tonic." There it was! Just what I needed. I knew now that the alterative action of divine Truth would destroy the resentment and pressure that were tempting me to fear material theories about health.

When I turned from the false belief of discord to rejoice in the presence of the Christ, Truth, all criticism, resentment, and self-righteousness toward our houseguest left me. Now I felt loving, pure, and harmonious, and able to see her true nature as God's perfect reflection, His beloved child. I had learned a lesson in self-immolation and had exchanged the false beliefs of discord for God's law of harmony. I had also gained dominion over fear of debility, age, and beliefs about blood pressure. The few remaining days with our guest were happy ones.

When I returned to the doctor, he found my blood pressure to be normal, and he completed the medical certificate. Within a few days my license arrived, and I enjoyed carrying it with me as a reminder that Truth is demonstrable in healing both disease and sin. My prayer of thanks was one of supplication, expressed in this verse of Hymn No. 69 (Christian Science Hymnal):

Give me, O Lord, a gentle, loving heart,
That I may learn to be more tender, kind,
And with Thy healing touch, each wound and smart
With Christly bands of Love and Truth to bind.

For the inspired guidance given us in Science and Health by our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for the sacred opportunity of Christian Science class instruction, and for the consecrated practitioners who stand ready to pray for us, my gratitude is deep and sincere.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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