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Exercising discipline and self-government

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In this chat Evan goes right to the heart of the matter by showing that God is the ultimate source of discipline and self-government. He goes on to say that trying to exercise human will to govern ourselves is futile and leads to failure. In order to avail ourselves of God's control, we need to identify ourselves as the spiritual, beloved expression of God that we are and lose the false picture of ourselves as faulty, weak human beings. Daily striving to learn more about and live the truth found in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings, brings the desired discipline and control and leads to harmony in all aspects of our lives.

Evan answers questions such as: How can one tell the difference between human will and self-discipline? When I sit down to pray, how can I get control of distracting thoughts that hinder my prayers? How can we break bad habits? How can I stop an obsession with viewing online pornography? What is a proven way to handle the guilt and discouragement that you feel after you have already succumbed to sin? And how do we get rid of the impulse of to procrastinate? In each case Evan points us back to how understanding and living in accord with our original, spiritual nature as children of God will destroy uncontrolled thinking and acting.

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