I was healed of chest pains

Two years ago in June I was at a camp in Colorado, where I had a wonderful healing through prayer. It was my first full day, and I was planning on doing a ropes course. The ropes course is an obstacle course that you perform about 50 feet up in the trees. you have to swing from rope to rope and walk across a wooden log without any balancing support, or walk across thin ropes with only a safety device to support you as you go from tree to tree.

I'd been having pains in my chest since the morning, and I didn't think I would be feeling well enough to begin the course. It hurt when I breathed, and I thought I wouldn't be able to reach for the ropes and handles 50 feet up in the trees. I prayed and the pain lessened, but didn't go away.

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I decided to go with everyone to the course anyway. And I spoke with a camp Christian Science practitioner, who helps people solve their problems through prayer: I told her I was having chest pains and asked her for help.

She was so soothing. She told me that I was created in the image and likeness of God and that pain is not a part of God; therefore, it wasn't a part of me.

When it was my turn to go up the long wooden log leading upward toward the trees, I put on my harness. I got buckled in with the safety straps. Then I practically ran up the log — without any pain. While I was up in the trees, I wasn't afraid of the chest pains coming back, or of falling, because I knew that I was one with God, with infinite Love and unfailing strength. And because God is everywhere, there was no place where I was not safe.

I was one of the few who actually made it through the ropes course that day. And I've never had any problem with chest pains since.

Heather Robles
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Testimony of Healing
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November 4, 2002

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