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God is there for me

From the November 26, 2012 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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I was at my friends Liam and David’s house. They go to the same Sunday School as I have been going to for the past two years.

We were playing dodge ball on the grass when I stepped on a bamboo stick that had a big thorn sticking out of it. The thorn went right into my foot. It was very painful. I was able to pull the thorn out by myself. My mom heard me yell and ran to help me. She reminded me to think about what I had learned in Sunday School. I thought about God, and I said to myself: “This can’t be real, because I know that God would protect me. He wouldn’t let something bad happen to me.” In Sunday School I have learned that God is only good and will protect me. God is all Love. Pain and sickness are not real because they are not part of God’s love. Thinking about this helped me calm down. 

My mom washed my foot and we put a band-aid on it. My friends and I went inside to watch a movie, and I forgot about what had happened.

When my mom drove me home, my foot was still hurting a little bit, but I could walk on it. I prayed to God quietly by myself. I knew that God was with me helping me. The next day (one day later) my foot felt fine and I could walk and run on it without it hurting.

I like going to Sunday School, because learning about God makes me feel safe and happy that God is there for me, and I like hearing the stories about Jesus and Moses. 

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