Infant healed

Originally written in French, this testimony appears in the May 2013 French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

An hour or two after the birth of our first child at the hospital closest to our home—we lived near Paris at that time—the doctor came to tell us that there was a problem. The baby was vomiting blood. According to the diagnosis, there was a perforation in the little one’s stomach. In France, when the life of a newborn is considered at risk, the law mandates for the medical staff to take complete charge of the case. All needed steps had already been taken by the doctor to transport our son immediately to the main children’s hospital in Paris, where he would undergo an operation the next morning.

After overcoming our initial shock, my husband and I agreed at once to call a Christian Science practitioner to pray for our son. Both of us were students of Christian Science, and we’d had many proofs of the power of prayer in resolving all kinds of issues and in bringing physical healing.

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Since I had just given birth and had to stay at the hospital, my husband left in the ambulance with our baby. I immersed myself in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy to find peace and comfort. I turned to God with all my being to really understand that our baby was spiritual, perfect, and complete, right then and there, and that God, as infinite Love, was taking care of him even in the smallest details.

A passage that I loved in particular—and that I still love!—brought me much peace: “In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry.… Spirit is his primitive and ultimate source of being; God is his Father, and Life is the law of his being” (Science and Health, p. 63). I then fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning, my husband, who had not been allowed to stay with our son at the hospital, went to see him. The doctor told him that the hemorrhaging had not occurred again since the child had been brought to the hospital. The operation was no longer necessary. But the doctor did not understand why things had gone back to normal, so he preferred to keep the baby under observation for a few more days. To my husband and me, it was clear that our son had been completely freed from that condition through prayer.

Another mother was sharing the hospital room with me, and she had her baby next to her. I refused to feel frustrated because I did not have my child with me and because I had held him for only a short time after his birth. I was so grateful that our little one was healthy! I just needed to have a little patience, and I would be able to hold him again. I kept on reading the Bible and Science and Health to deepen my understanding of the unity of God and man. Four or five days later, to my great joy, we were given back our son, and two days later we all went home together.

The child never had any relapse or any other consequences from this condition. A monthly medical visit is mandatory in my country for the first six months of a child’s life. No problem was ever found. Since then, our son has become a healthy grown man and a father of three children.

I am deeply grateful to be a student of Christian Science, since it is a demonstrable and trustworthy Science. It has brought so many blessings and joys to our family.

Maud Fischer
Toulouse, France

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