Searching for healing

Canoeing on the lakes of New Hampshire might sound like a relaxing vacation. But this class trip was anything but! It was a week-long expedition, and I wasn’t totally excited about it at first. But once I realized that I had the spiritual truths taught in Christian Science to help me every minute of the trip, my attitude completely changed. Though I struggled on the first day of paddling, after that, I was able to apply what I knew about God, and about God’s harmonious spiritual creation (including me), to every challenge that came up and to watch as everything began to fall into place perfectly. It ended up being an amazing trip!

Because we were out in the wilderness, we had to drink iodine-purified water. I was accustomed to iodine, having used it to purify water for two-day hiking trips before. But I had never used it for an extended period of time. I was fine over the course of the trip, but the first day back at school, I woke up feeling downright awful. The physical symptoms were intense. Not only did I not feel well, but I was also in a lot of pain. I wondered if what I was feeling might be the effects of being exposed to too much iodine.

I stumbled through the day, trying to pray and listen to God, but by the time I had to go to cross-country practice, I knew I needed a time-out to really focus spiritually. My coach recommended that I go back to my room so I could call my parents and a Christian Science practitioner.

I did call my mom when I got back to my room, and she shared with me some great metaphysical ideas that reassured me of God’s all-power and the complete powerlessness of anything unlike God, good. This was helpful, but when I got off the phone, I was still afraid of the symptoms I was experiencing. 

Some part of me realized that the temptation to Google the effects of iodine overdose was something I shouldn’t give in to. Looking up this information was in exact opposition to the spiritual ideas I’d been talking about with my mom and had been praying with all day. But I felt as if I couldn’t help it; I just needed to check. 


When I clicked the search bar, though, something funny happened. Even though I had never typed the phrase before, the suggestion “whole man” instantly appeared in the search bar. It was such a surprise that I had to do a double take. It was just the thought I needed! I realized that my God-given wholeness was the place where I needed to start in my prayers. I didn’t need to go hunting online for information that would distract me from understanding my spiritual identity. My wholeness was all I needed to know, because God creates and maintains my perfection, and that’s all that can be true about me, ever.

As I thought about this idea further, I remembered the Bible story in which Jesus had to pay a temple tax but had no money to do so. So Jesus told Peter, his disciple, to look in the mouth of the first fish he caught and the money would be there to pay the tax (see Matthew 17:24–27). Peter didn’t look in any other fish’s mouth to see if there was extra money. He simply took what he needed and was thankful for the provision. 

I realized something similar applied in my case. I got my “coin”—the message of the “whole man”—and I could accept the gift God had given me and thank Him for it. With this insight, the fear I’d been feeling vanished, as did most of the physical symptoms. The dizziness and nausea completely disappeared, and the pain I’d been experiencing was mostly alleviated. 

By the next morning, the pain was completely gone. And I had a new appreciation for the power of knowing my wholeness and perfection as God’s spiritual idea.

This healing has prompted me to turn to God regularly—not just when I’m struggling or need healing—because I’ve realized how valuable God’s messages are to everything I’m doing. These angel ideas are always available to each of us, guiding us to inspired solutions, new perspectives, and healing.

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