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How I Found Christian Science

‘A very practical religion’

From the September 10, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

For as far back as I can remember, I have always felt God’s presence. As a little girl, I loved to go to Sunday School. My mother took my brother and me to a Protestant church that happened to be right next door to our house. We loved going to that Sunday School, so even after we moved to another city when I was in the first grade, my mom would drive us back every Sunday so we could attend. I cherished the Bible stories I learned about, and I always felt God’s arms around me, so to speak.

When I was in seventh grade, I suddenly became extremely ill. My family had never been one that went to doctors on a regular basis, but my father was very concerned that I was in danger. We went to the county hospital, where I was diagnosed with encephalitis. My parents were told that there was no medical treatment or remedy and that it was time to pray.

I went into a coma, and my mother, father, and brother, as well as people from our church and school, were all praying for me. I woke up a week later, but my speech and mobility seemed to have been affected. I did relearn how to walk and talk, and within a couple of months I was completely free from any symptoms or aftereffects. While this was well before I knew anything about Christian Science, this experience reinforced my sense of God as a loving God who was taking care of me.

So, fast-forward 14 years. I was dating a wonderful man, and early in our relationship I discovered a book that was sitting on his TV stand: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. I looked at the Table of Contents, and the third chapter, “Marriage,” caught my eye. I read it and was struck by how the chapter puts God first and describes true love as kind and pure in intention. The failure of a prior marriage had made me cautious about falling in love again, but these ideas gave me confidence that a loving marriage that puts God at its center could and would endure. I thought to myself, “If this man believes and lives these words, then this is the man I would want to marry.”

I discovered that not only was my boyfriend indeed this type of thinker, but he was also a third-generation Christian Scientist, and his whole family practiced these ideas! His mother was a practitioner advertising in The Christian Science Journal, and she was a great source of information, helping me gain understanding.

I began attending with this man the branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in our area. I soon realized that Christian Science was the truth I was seeking—and that my family and I had sensed and experienced something of this truth before ever knowing that there is a Science behind spiritual healing called Christian Science, based on divine Principle. I found that what I was learning from reading Science and Health explained and put into words for me what I had always known and believed: that my healing as a child had indeed been evidence of God’s care. I remember explaining to my mother that Christian Science didn’t contradict the Bible that I had grown up with, but expanded my understanding of it, and that it is a very practical religion. She loved to sit with my boyfriend and me when we read aloud the weekly Bible Lesson published in the Christian Science Quarterly.

Two and half years later, that man and I did marry, and we recently celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary. Over those years, there have been many Christian Science demonstrations in our family, including healings of pinkeye and debilitating back pain, and safety for my son and me during a very difficult childbirth. My husband and I split our time between two states and are so grateful that both locations have beautiful branch churches with loving congregations that we are privileged to attend. I had Primary class instruction in Christian Science and have so loved attending the annual association meetings. 

I have such gratitude to God for the blessings He has bestowed upon me, and am so grateful for the truth that makes us free!

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